Youth Without Ethics Is a Disaster

Published: 2021-09-28 18:25:03
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Youth is the future wealth of a country. ? of a country’s Population is youth.
Youth constitute age group of 15 -35. Youth Is endowed with bright eyes filled with dreams of a great future, a powerful strong able bodies, minds with bubbling joy - this is the state of youth. They possess the energy and power not only to destroy burning spheres of fire or erupting volcanoes, but also the embodiment of love and affection. They are similar to the rising high tides of an ocean.But the tragedy is, where the youth is expected to involve in building a heaven on earth with their creativity, there we find the turmoil of a hell. Youth is compared to a man on burning coals. They stooped to such a state due to peer pressure, stress and Disrespect to present social structure.
Along with age, there’s transition in moral values too. It’s the duty of parents at home, teachers in school and the society’s in street to educate youth in terms of moral values and ethics. Ever since childhood, there’s a tremendous influence of parents and family background on the youth.If youth is attracted towards terrorism, it’s mainly due to religious-philosophical conditions. In the days of Gandhi, his simple life style and practices had a profound effect on the youth. Netaji’s sacrificial life aroused revolutionary thoughts in the youth. In contrast, values in today’s world of education and business have deteriorated.

Youth hood starts with the robbery of either a bicycle or car and end up with murder, which is nothing but self destruction. With the increased materialistic culture, youth is incapable of successful construction of their bright future.Youth is the backbone and the main support of our society. Its foundation is in the present day. It’s not only futile but also impossible a strong and healthy society when its foundation is weak. How long with the greenery of a tree lost if its roots are not strong? Just so the present day youth remain symbol of immorality. This generation of youth is day by day stooping to a state bereft of values and culture.
Standards of dress, communication and social behavior have degraded. Destructivity replaced creativity in them obscenity in dressing indecent and unacceptable Language in communication makes us hang our heads in shame.They do no deter even to go for an acid attack to quench their lust. The present day cinema hero and heroines are their role models. The music of present generation also causes a destructive effect on the youth. There are floods of suicides. Committing suicide has become as simple as deleting a message from mobile.
The cause if suicide us as trivial as failure in love or education, economic problems or parents admonishing. On the contrary, youth consider the suicide as a sacrifice or revolution and cause great pain and agony to parents. Their attitude about life as an escapism instead of laborious journey reflects their saturated pessimism.The modern education is able to give a certificate to youth but not the true development. Certificate that does not train one about social responsibility is equal to a rough paper fit for dustbin. Whoever earns a certificate is unable to earn his livelihood through it due to high competition and intense, unemployment. Youth dream to have the world in their fist.
Possible or impossible is immaterial fulfilling their desire is the main criteria. Cell phone and internet culture is diminishing our youth to fit for nothing fellows. Chatting, video games and listening to music in I-pods has become the daily routine.Naxalism and terrorism is exhausting sap of the youth. Post modern youth, is repulsive to responsibilities, became spend thrifts, opt for premarital abortions. Lack of goal and a target is making them unfit for the society. Youth is competing in becoming alcoholics.
This habit which damages not only body but also mind is out of control. Free sex, and influence of western culture is a great blow to Indian culture and heritage. Death rate in youth due to AIDS is in alarming range. The high pay in I. T. sector increased the expenditure trend. This has drastic effect on the youth.
The leading role of youth in W. T. C. destruction and assassinations of Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi is a glaring example of fallen corrupted character. Fresh youth addicted To smoking, cocaine, brown sugar, gut ka, pan parag indicate their abasement. If this youth power concentrated on the social works how much more our country would have developed. Influence Of media on youth is much more than that of the home and school.
Repeated transmission of violent scenes has a negative impact on youth. Films with themes of love violence, murder have filled the minds of the youth.It is tragic to find that youth hood which is a phase that marks the end of childhood and beginning of adolescent stage is on the track of destruction. The supreme thought that what I can do for this country rather that what this country gave to me is to be cultivated. What is important is “What kind of life we lived, not how many years we lived”. If youth – a base for the past, hope of present and dream or rut5ure, instead of being cause of destruction, an endeavor, in the constr4uction of Modern India, India’s fame can be spread through out this universe.

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