Why Should You Choose a Student Dorm?

Published: 2021-09-30 18:40:05
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When students reach college, they begin to consider two choices about how they are going to start this new phase of their life, which are living in dorms or staying with their parents. Both are possible choices for college students, However, there are many differences between living in a dorm and staying with your parents.
First, living in your parents’ house can be very comfortable when you consider space; you have your own room, privacy, and all the stuff you need, you’re familiar with the place and it’s very comfortable. On the contrary, living in a dorm means that you have to share everything including the bedroom, bathroom and many other stuff, you won’t have your own private room and you have to get used to your roommate’s habits, thus, there is no privacy in dorms which can be very uncomfortable for many students.
Second, when you live with your parents, you’re eating habits will be healthier and more stable. You can eat various kinds of food which is very good for your health, however, many students that live in dorms tend to eat more junk food and unhealthy stuff because they can’t cook all the time, and that is very unhealthy. In addition, the food that colleges provide may not suit all the students’ tastes.

In addition to food, when you consider the choices you have to think about studying, in your house, you can concentrate when you’re studying due to the quiet atmosphere that your parents might provide you, and it is less distracting than the busy crowded dorms. Meanwhile, in dorms, you can use the college’s library most of the time which is very beneficial when you’re doing any research or writing an important essay!
Moreover, living in dorms will be your first step of leading an independent life, you will have to take the responsibility of many things such as your decisions and actions and financial matters. On the other hand, living with your parents will help you save money because you won’t have to worry about food and other stuff that you have to buy when you’re living in dorms.
Finally, unlike when you’re living with your parents, living in dorms will expand your knowledge, help you build relationships and accept others, you will make many friends and you will be free to do whatever you want.
In conclusion, living in dorms or with your parents are both good choices but It’s up to you whether you want an independent busy college life, or a quiet and comfortable one!

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