Why People Lie?

Published: 2021-09-30 18:45:04
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Can you remember the last time someone lied to you or you did to someone? Even though lying is morally wrong, people lie every day for many reasons. It is all around us that never stops. It is quite common and comes naturally to human beings. There are many kinds of lies. It may be beneficial to some people and it might be harmful to others. Some lies hurt people and end up with bad consequences while some do not hurt anyone. This kind of lies which do not hurt or harm people, is called while lies. A correlation between people and white lies is natural. People often lie to each other because of their own reasons such as hiding the truth, getting personal benefits, and avoiding punishments.
First, some people lie to conceal the truth. They do not want to reveal the truth to families and friends. Sometimes people say they have plans to do something when they do not have in reality. They just build up something that cover up the reason to avoid things. They just pretend to hide the truth like my sister does. For example, my sister lies to her friend when she does not want to go parties. She makes a story that her schedule is already made.
She tells that we have guest at home or she has a headache so that she can easily hide the truth. She does not let her friends know that she doesn’t like to go with them. Furthermore, People lie when they think it just does not matter or does not make any difference to anyone. When a waiter asks me how is the food in resturants, I simple reply that it is very good even though I don’t like the food. I believe it does not make any difference to the waiter because it’s taste is depends on me. I lie without realizing that I am lying and it does not make any change in others’ lives.

Second, people lie to gain personal advantages and improve their images or status in the society. People tell fib to make their lives easy and to reach in a high position in their jobs. They exaggerate themselves or things to have some opportunities. Such as sales person or marketing person presents only positive things about products or offers and make people buy their products. Likewise, some people in the workplace lie to others to get extra credits from a manager.
They elaborate simple things to obtain reputations and recognistions. Similarly, politicians lie to people to acquire their attention and to become favorable. Some politicians make promises to work on major issues and problems during the election time. They lie to people beccause they want to secure people’s votes and they need to be approved. Politicians have desire to maintain their good image among people and they use some lies to keep that quality as much as possible.
Third, some people tell untruth to avoid punishments and penalties. It is more common in students and childrens. They build up some kinds of excueses to not to be penalized. Students tell untruth to their teachers about missing classes or undone assignments. They come up with false reasons to avoid getting low grades. For example, if students do not finish their homework, they say that they have done but unfortunately their computer was crashed and file is deleted.
Another people deceive in order to protect themselves and our friends. One time I lied to my best friend’s parents to assist my friend to escape from a penalty. She went to a movie theater with her other friends without telling her parents. Later, she told me to save her by telling to her parents that we were working on our test. I could not deny her request, so I told her parents that we were preparing for the test. I told them a false reason to protect my friend and to make her happy.
In conclusion, people lie in their everyday lives to hide the realities, to obtain some advantages and not to be punished by others. Some lies hurt others and some do not. It is a common and a natural thing that everyone accept white lies and they go through it. We tell white lies to make someone comfortable and to save them from troubles. I do not like to lie people but I am not an exception. I do not lie without any special reason. I take risks of telling lie in the situations when I have to protect my friends from difficulties. I believe it is okey to lie if it does not harm, hurt and damage anyone. It is very important to understand where and when we can lie and not lie.

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