Why I Want An Mba, Short And Long Term Career Goals

Published: 2021-10-01 17:05:09
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While I find my current occupation satisfying, I am ambitious and would like to reach the pinnacle of my profession. To do this I realize it is pertinent that I pursue further studies in my field that will open up avenues for career progression. At present, my academic qualifications include two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s in engineering (computer science). I was able to complete all these courses in six years (2000-2006) and am confident that I am academically and psychologically prepared to undertake another degree in your esteemed institution
I have reached the point in my career where I need to advance my academic qualifications if I am to venture into other areas of expertise. Currently I am engaged in project implementation/development and work with various teams to provide clients with solutions to their business challenges. In other instances I participate with my colleagues to develop systems aimed at improving the current applications our company has. My dream is to advance from being part of the teams that work on delivering systems and providing solutions to managing the whole process as a technical project manager.
Whereas the workload and responsibilities are more taxing, I feel that I am up to the challenge as I have had some experience leading a team of trained personnel in identifying the needs of a client and delivering the appropriate solutions to them. I believe that by undertaking the MBA program I will acquire the necessary skills to manage large technical projects and improve my prospects of career advancement. After serious thought I have been able to draw up a personal plan that includes short and long term goals that I aim to remain focused on.

The short term goals I have developed include pursuing a part time MBA program that will allow me to remain in employment. This is crucial to my overall plan as it will permit me to continue gaining valuable work experience. This will not only improve my profile but will ensure that I get hands on experience which will give me a distinct advantage over those who have little or no work exposure. Secondly, the MBA program will equip me with the basic skills of project management that I can internalize as I go about my daily activities.
On completion of my MBA program I hope to get promoted to a project manager in my current workplace, IBM. Such a promotion will not only lead to better remuneration but also expose me to business practices at the executive level. The experience gained from rubbing shoulders with other executives will prepare me for life after employment as I will be able to network with important people who will be useful contacts when I decide to make important career moves.
Though I plan to remain at my current workplace for the foreseeable future, I am not ruling out taking on international engagements with local or foreign based multinationals which will enhance my profile. After attaining sufficient work experience, I intend to resign from the company and open up a business of my own. Initially, I plan to become a business partner with IBM by selling their products to other retailers and end users.
Drawing on my experience as a project manager I will tender for subcontracts from IBM to manage technical projects on their behalf. My operations will also include sourcing for technical projects that I can manage for a fee from small and medium sized businesses. As my business grows, I hope to expand into a big consulting firm that can handle large international projects funded by the World Bank and other reputable financial institutions or governments. An MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business is the key to the fulfillment of my dreams.
The curriculum offered is not only highly recommended by a number of accomplished project managers that I have spoken to but it also is extremely convenient to me in a number of ways. The university is located close to where I live and work and as a consequence commuting to the campus for classes will not be an inconvenience. Secondly, the weekend part time classes offered allow me to continue working as I pursue my studies. The option for studying part time was an integral part of my plan as I intend to finance the program from my salary.
Further, my current job is very involving as I travel to the field on most weekdays and am rarely in the office for more than five hours. My personal motivation for studying for an MBA, aside from opening my own business in the future, is my love for education. I am very happy when in a classroom situation and find the pursuit of knowledge a noble goal. In all my previous degree courses, the professors have commended me on my keenness to learn and my challenges to them about issues I felt were not explicitly addressed.
On a number of occasions, the professors have been forced to consult their colleagues before giving the class an answer to a question I had raised. Eventually I hope I can find some time off from my business pursuits to do a PHD and then teach part time in some universities. It is my hope that as I undertake studies at the university, I will contribute to enhancing the image of the institution. On completion of my thesis project, I believe that my work will add to the available literature on the subject matter and provide solutions to some of the challenges facing the world today.
That such a solution emerged from the lecture rooms of the university will encourage other potential students to enroll there and motivate generous benefactors to donate money for various research programs. As part of my social responsibility to mankind, I intend to do some pro bono work for the most disadvantaged people on the globe. If all my intentions go according to plan, I intend to use my experience in project management to aid poor communities in rural Africa mange their poverty alleviation programs more effectively.
Drawing on my work experience, I will assist them draw up project management plans that are geared towards sustainability and cost efficiency. As part of my contribution, I will take under my wing focused individuals and train them to manage the projects on behalf of their members. I believe this will reduce the incidence of failed initiatives due to poor management and corruption. In the end, I hope my intervention will improve the quality of life for the people I would have interacted with.

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