Ways to Promote a Sustainable Living

Published: 2021-09-27 15:00:03
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Ways to promote a sustainable living What is sustainable living? Sustainable living is to live in way to those values and respects the natural systems and species that co-exist on this earth by reducing the usage of Earth’s natural resources. A sustainable society can protect the future generations without the depletion of our Earth’s natural resources and coexistence with the flora and fauna. Sustainable design and sustainable developments are the main factors to sustainable living. First of all, we should educate the younger ones about the importance of living sustainably.
The government can enforce a new curriculum to the school whereby the students will be educated and examined on the understanding of sustainable living. Moreover educational internships can be offered by nonprofit organization or government so that our young and bright generation can contribute to sustainable development and sustainable design. Secondly, we could also encourage the citizens to conserve water, electricity, petrol, reduction the emission of greenhouse gas at home. For example, after washing the rice, the water could be used to water the plants.
Moreover, use the dish washer and washing machine whenever possible as it can save water. Citizens should car pool more often or finding alternative ways of transport such as bus, light rail transit, bicycle or monorail as it will be able to reduce the usage of petrol and the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. Furthermore, people are encouraged to fix solar power on their rooftop as it uses the sunlight which is a renewable resource to generate electricity for the entire household.

Thirdly, changing the way we eat also helps to promote a sustainable living. This is because the industrial meat production also involves high environmental costs such as soil erosion, land degradation and depletion of natural resources. Reducing the meat consumption by eating more vegetables will be able to reduce the environmentally industrial meat production. Beside this, urban gardening and organic farming should be introduce and promoted to all the citizens as it does need to use tremendous applications of nitrogen fertilizer to grow plants.
Growing more plants at the backyard of your house will also encourage the citizens to eat more organic plants instead of meat. Finally, nonprofit organization can host and sponsors special events throughout the year, with festival, conferences and community gathering. For example we have campaigns such as Go Green which encourages people to use recyclable bags instead of using plastic bags, Earth Day whereby for a certain period of time we will switch of the usage electricity of the whole house.
Moreover, nonprofit organization should provide resource center with information about the events in the area that promote sustainable living. Knowledge is power and enables the consumer to make wiser choices and to re-create their life and achieve sustainable living without losing comfort and joy. The earth needs a change, the world is hurting because of over usage and because of unwise decisions of humanity.

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