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Organizational Framework This Chapter consists of History of the company, mission and vision of the company, Nature of the company, size of the company, organizational chart, strategic trust and program, critical business and system management as well as strategic concern and IT used.
Name of the company / school: The University of Manila Proposed System : Payroll System and Employees Information System History of the SchoolNinety one years ago there were five visionaries whose dreams where for the Filipino youth. Their collective vision: to establish institution of learning which would mold the minds of the youth and ultimately shape the destiny of this country? Undaunted by the challenge s that lie ahead and an incurable optimist that they were, they pursued the realization of their dreams with unflagging devotion and unflinching courage. Armed with hard rock determination, steely idealism and unparalleled dynamism, they tenaciously blaze the trail.The men behind such grand dream, dream a rainbow coalition of sort four men and woman of diverse interest yet united in a single purpose of establishing an institution geared towards excellence: Apolinario de los Santos, Mariano de los Santos, Maria de los Santos, Buenaventura Bello and Manuel Montilla. From these giants, the INSTITUTO DE MANILA was born on October 5, 1913, with Dr. Apolinario de los Santos as its first president. The INSTITUTO’S doors first opened in school year 1914-1915.
The forerunners of this institution, offered only elementary and high school courses in a leased building on the corner of Madrid and Penarubia Streets. Binondo District. Effective school year 1919-1920 however, the INSTITUTO conducted its burgeoning populace and to provide better education facilities. Before embarking on a more ambitious program of expansion to meet the growing needs of the country, the INSTITUTO perforce had to undergo internal changes.Its original incorporators unanimously agreed, on the occasion of the eight anniversary of the founding of the institution, effect massive reorganization geared towards the attainment of a universities status. The decision was subsequently followed by the reincorporation of the INSTITUTO as THE UNIVERSITY OF MANILA on November 3, 1921 under the provision of act 1459 of the former Philippine Legislature. Right after its re-incorporation, the university progressed by leaps and bounds.

The development marked the turning point of these democratic and progressive institutions, which has withstood the ultimate test of time.It fortunately survived two world wars and bewildering variety of changes – ideological, social, economic, and political. From being an institution which offered only elementary and high school programs, the university crescendo dramatically, with its building reaching for the sky. The mustard seed that was THE UNIVERSITY OF MANILA continue to grow throughout the years. Its genesis of growth was meteoric. In March 1919, the Colleges opened in 1922-1923 namely: College of Philosophy and Letter, College of Education, College of Business administration.The Department of Graduate Studies (LIM) opened in 1941-1942.
The College of Engineering opened in December 1945. In 1946, the Academy on Music and the school of Foreign Service were born. In 1949, M. A. in Political Science was offered in the Department of Graduate Studies followed by M. A. in History in 1951.
Bachelor of Science and Elementary Education was offered in 1951. Then from 1963-1966, the College of Criminology and penology, School of Secretarial and Master’s degree in Public Administration was opened.The fruition of these labors was products of the highly innovative, creative and brilliant mind of those who occupied the reign of the presidency. Dr. Apolinario de los Santos headed this seat of higher learning since its inception until 1927 when he was succeeded by his brother, Dr. Mariano de los Santos. Dr.
MVDLS assumed the presidency at the age of 29 and it is a matter of record and source of pardonable pride that he held the distinction of being the youngest president until his untimely demise on October 13, 1959.The unfinished task of leading the University was continued by Madame Helen de los Santos, who was later described by Dr. Mariano as a life partner in his book, Education and Life, as one “ who has shared with me all the tribulation of life but cared so little for its vainglories”, was a complete Filipino women. She held presidency with the distinction from 1959 up to 1981. Another chapter of U. M’s history unfolded when the incumbent president, Dr. Virgilio de los Santos (from the second generation of the de los Santos’s) took over the reign of presidency in 1981.
With Dr. Virgilio de los Santos the helm, the University continually strives to strengthen its resolve and commitment for total academic excellence. It has remained true to its trilogy: Patria, Sciencia ET Virtues. Under Virgilio’s stewardship, the University has placed to a higher level of credit and standard. In line with the thrust of the government and in order to cope up with the tempo of the times, the University offered courses in Tourism, Hotel and restaurant Management and Computer Technology in the later part of the 80’s.The University of Manila has come of age. In response to the clarion call of the 90’s.
It has another string of new course to offer: Doctor of Education, Doctor of Public Administration, and Master of Business Administration to provide administrators, Businessmen, educators, Analyst Researcher with the board theoretical and conceptual background and the specialized technical skills needed for the planning, implementation, management, supervision, and evaluation of public policies, in a developing country like the Philippines.These three new programs are design with the board purpose of developing competent government managers, strengthening executive leadership and raising standards of administrative performance in the public and private service. The Elementary and High School department is presently undergoing expansion. The elementary building in Turtuosa St. has been demolished to give way for the contraction of the University hospital. The presidentVirgilio, who is endowed with a thousand and one ideas declared: “ I have plans in the future to open medical courses like Nursing, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, Midwifery, Dentistry and even Medicine. “ Under a workaholic president who refused to understand the word rest, the University is headed towards a glimmering future ahead.
These are positive proofs that the University continue to grow throughout the years.The complete composite and all around education of the youth is the major reason why the University exists. It is concerned with the making of man, the search for academic knowledge, the development of technical and vocational skills and most importantly, instilling and inculcating on the learners mind lasting and far reaching spiritual and moral values such as deep reverence of God, patriotic fervor and love of country and benevolent good will and peaceful co-existence with his fellowmen.The University of Manila aims to give the young men and women, who posses requisite talents, aptitude and moral fitness, a convenient opportunity to acquire a well rounded education and the necessary training for any of the various professions needed to cope with the complex demands and requirements of the present age. Mission StatementThe University of Manila, an institution of higher learning aims to create an atmosphere of academic excellence and competence, that is firmly anchored with love of country, science virtue where citizens, deeply concerned and truly committed to respond to the socio-cultural, psycho-spiritual and politico economic challenges of the contemporary Filipino community are formed, fully empowered with modern scientific technological skills with which to brave the challenges of the global society. Vision StatementThe University of Manila envisions a dynamic community that is deeply steeped in the trilogy of UM ideals; love of country, love of science, and love of virtue; fully equipped with human conceptual and technological skills, firmly determined to make life for changes, better brighter, lighter, and more livable by making quality education accessible to all. Nature of the school The University of Manila is one of the oldest and prestigious private universities in the Philippines.
It is located in the center of commerce, industry and education.It is right in the heart of Sampaloc District Manila. Bigger challenges and opportunities face the University of Manila as it approaches the 21st century in pursuit of world class research. With its newly-acquired computer and Engineering equipment, UM is preparing itself to become one of the “Leading institutions in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region. With its growing culture of research in all its colleges particularly in the Graduate School and with the infusion on high-tech devices. UM gains an advantage in undertaking project of scientific merit and excellence.For eighty years, the University of Manila has served not only the Filipino youth of the land but also other Asian who have hosen this institution as their second home in their educational pursuit.
UM is headed towards the year 200 and beyond with the goal of rendering better service through the quality of education. The University of Manila is totally committed to academic excellence, which is the benchmark to its revered founders would continue to live throughout the ages as history unfolds. Size of the School University President - 01Executive Vice – President & Registrar - 01 Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Office - 01 Treasurer - 01 Executive Officer & Dean of the College of Liberal Arts-01 University Comptroller & Consultant -02 College of Law - 01 College of Business Administration & Accountancy -01College of Criminology -01 College of Engineering -01 College of Education - 01 College of HRM 7 School of Foreign Service -01 ROTC Commandant - 01 Head, Computer Department -01 University Physician -01 University Dentist - 01 Executive Assistant, Office of the Senior Vice President - 01Executive Secretary College of Criminology - 01 Executive Secretary College of Engineering - 01 Chief, Record Section II, Registrar Office - 01 Chief Librarian - 01 Assistant Chief Librarian - 01 Security Guard - 04Maintenance - 06 HR Department - 06 Total: - 39 Strategic Thrust and Program of the School Another building has been constructed to be able to meet the demands of the changing time and the growing population of the school. Other laboratories have been erected and modified for the convenience of the students and to be able to make learning easier but knowledgeable.The university administration has been complying with all CHED and DECS requirements to be able to provide added knowledge for the students. The Revised Audio-Visual Learning Resource Center has been added to help the student to improve their learning process, thus, teaching become more innovative, creative and effective. The New Physical Education Building was also created the construction of these new physical education building in a manifest sign of their vibrancies and relevance as an educational institution attuned to the needs of the new millennium.
The University of Manila is home to the winning’s basketball team of the decade not only in the Philippines but all throughout the Asia. Also the newly-erected UM Gymnasium was renovated as sign of UM’s growth and progress as it moves toward the next millennium. The University of Manila also held some programs like dancing, beauty contest, and etc. every foundation day in order to help the students to enhance their skills, powerful and amazing talents as well as their abilities. In this research, the researcher found that there is no existing format information about the salary of their employees.The system software proponents has conducted study and developed systematically designed payroll system. This proposed system makes the work easier, faster, effective and less human effort through computerized system that the user or authorized personnel are the first beneficiaries of this proposal.
In the long term the company will benefit from having less expenditure because of the latest version and automated system that can make payroll transaction accelerated and accurate. As part of this system, it limits the number of Information that only certain user responsible to know and getting information to the epartment not allowed to know the information of anybody. Critical Business and System Management Basically, the school used a system which is not secured, intruders might access and resulted into a tampered of inputs because there is no Database Management System. The computation of the wages of their employees is manually done. The authorized personnel of this institution encountered some different problem like the computation is time consuming. The information of their employee is not secured because there is no Database Management System in Storing data.The computation of the total hours of employee is also manually done as well as the computation of deduction such as SSS, tardiness and withholding taxes are also manually computed.
Strategic Concerns for IT used Stated here are the possible problems that will need information technology as possible solutions. 1. School’s employee records can be edited without anybody noticing if it is not secured. 2. Deleting, editing and storing new employee records may become a hard task if records are nowhere to be found. 3.The computation of the wages of their employees is manually done.
Based on the problems encountered, the following solutions are: 1. School’s employee records should be secured by passwords to avoid accidental editing and maintenance of privacy. 2. Editing, deleting and storing new employee records will be easier to do if the records for their employees are intact. Creating databases will help make the task easier. 3. Computerized payroll system should be developed for faster transactions and efficient in payments.

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