Tourism Planning and Development Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-09-30 23:55:06
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Tourism Planning and Development Submitted to: Proof. Anne Moral Submitted by: H08308 Calamari, Gerald Paulo Cristal, Gladys Manual, Mary Joy Mendocino, Rockwell Raymond, Nadine Recomposes,Jean Izard Why. The famous Santiago Cove, known for Its round shape at Savannas, the Old Spanish watchtower Is good potential for tourism development. Santiago has clear and sandy beaches that tourists love. The church is also one of the oldest Spanish buildings in the north, which was built during the Spanish occupation.
It is along the national highway just south of the municipal building and could be easily seen by tourists and passersby. " Source: http://www. Santiago. Gob. PH/- "Santiago Is a beautiful town. It has scenic spots that if properly developed, could make the favorite spot for tourist. Stats. Maria Church, Locos Sure Historical Sites A World Heritage Site and a National Landmark, this centuries-old church nestled atop a hill at the town proper of Stats. Maria was used as a fortress during the 1896 Revolution.
Santiago Cove, Locos Sure Natural Attractions It is famous of Its beach, called Savannas Cove. It Is the "Portray of the North". Pineal Falls, Locos Sure Natural Attractions A favorite setting for many local films, Plains Falls features Angel's footprint, the legendary Allocation giant. Makes everyone of us think that this is the place we have been looking for. This place has eye-catching sceneries that can make everyone fall in love with its distinct beauty. The greenest trees, the bluest water, and the history behind it are Just effortlessly breathtaking. "

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