The Urban Development Department

Published: 2021-09-30 23:15:05
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The Government of Gujarat had declared 2005 the Year of Urban Development' (Sharers Visas Versa). During this particular year, the urban development department undertook various initiatives to resolve urban issues such as traffic management, and the introduction and enhancement of a city transport system.
The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GUID), MAC and Metadata Urban Development Authority (DADA) Jointly drafted a comprehensive urban mobility plan keeping in mind the needs of Metadata as a mega city, and included in it, the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRATS) and the planning of the regional rail and metro for future years. KEPT University was assigned the work of the preparing of a Detailed Project Report (EDP) for the implementation of the BRATS project in Metadata.
Meanwhile, the government of India announced the Charlatan Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission UNARM) for urban development and the MAC submitted its proposal to the government of India for the BRATS project, which was the first of its kind in the country. As approved by the ministry of Urban Transport Initiatives in India: Best Practices in APP National Institute of Urban Affairs urban development, the MAC is now implementing the BRATS project in a phased manner.

The BRATS project was approved in November 2006 and work on the project commenced in 2007. The urban mobility plan provides choices to the people in the case of their mobility, in terms of different modes such as the MATS, BRATS and the suburban rail or metro, all of which complement each other. 2. 3. 2 Goals of the Project The trans-vision of Metadata captioned as 'Accessible Metadata' is to redesign he city structure and transport systems towards greater accessibility, efficient mobility and lower carbon future'.
Main objective of project is to: Reducing need for travel; Reducing the length of travel; and Reducing automobile dependence. 2. 3. 3 Strategy Used to Achieve the Desired Goals Metadata transport strategy is focused on moving people and not on vehicles. The Urban Mobility strategy is based on the understanding that all people should be able to move around in Metadata with comfort and efficiency. They must feel safe and secure. Travel must be Urban Transport Initiatives in India: Best Practices in APP 25 affordable.
They must have choices for their mobility in terms of walking, bicycling, rickshaw, bus, BRB or any other form of transport depending on where they are going. To emphasize this, the system has been named as January, meaning peoples way. 2. B status AT ten Project The system has been in operation for the past one year and carries about 90,000 passengers daily with deployment of 45 diesel buses (30 AC buses out of 45, 12 meter long, mm floor height), with commercial speeds greater than 24 SMS per hour.

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