The Impact of Hurricane Matthew on My Family

Published: 2021-09-30 18:20:05
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This is something that my family went though before I was born. I have not gone though a natural disaster. My parent would send us to our grandparents out of the state before anything had happened.
Hurricane Matthew was a storm that opened my eyes to how life can change in the blink of an eye. The nature of man is to make plans and assume everything will go as planned. People do not think about what little thing can happen and wreck their lives and plans. No one planned for Hurricane Matthew to come and kill at least three hundred people and devastate a great deal of people’s belongings. Many victims of Hurricane Matthew, including myself, were blessed to experience little destruction compared to others. During my encounter with Hurricane Matthew, I experienced worry, sympathy, and gratitude.
An unforeseen natural disaster can be stressful for anyone because you do not know how to respond to the situation. I felt anxiety during Hurricane Matthew when I was unaware of how severe the hurricane would get. Many other hurricanes in history were underestimated when it came to the magnitude and strength and I did not know if Hurricane Matthew would be an example of this. Secondly, I felt apprehension when many flood warnings were put out throughout South Carolina.

Water damage can be calamitous for anyone and I did not want my family to have to go through that. Also, I felt uneasy during the hurricane when the power went out at my house and when the water became contaminated. No one knew how long the power would be out so no one knew if there would be bottled water to buy in stores. It seems to always be very easy to give into worry, especially during a chaotic situation.
During the hurricane, I never realized how blessed my family actually was until I was overcome with sympathy for the people whose lives were turned upside down. When I witnessed how many people within my neighborhood and community had so many more problems than I did, I experienced pity for them. Unlike other families in Dillon County, my family was blessed to not have water damage or fallen trees on our house.
Also, I saw the suffering and tragedy of those affected by Hurricane Matthew. I realized that I was complaining about not having power and some people did not have a home to return to after the storm. Thirdly, I endured a great amount of compassion for the family members of the people who lose their lives because of this natural disaster. Some people lost homes and some people lost loved ones; however, homes are not irreplaceable like loved ones are. When dealing with sympathy, I had to understand that God has a plan and those people did not die by mistake.
Experiencing a natural disaster always makes people acknowledge how blessed they actually are. For example, I realized how fortunate my family was when our little damage did not compare to what other people had to deal with. I will always be grateful that my family did not have flood damage or trees fall on our house. Secondly, I am lucky enough to live in a place where people will sacrifice their time and energy to volunteer to cook food for those who could not provide it for themselves.
The Dillon City Fire Department prepared hot plates for people without power and I am thankful for their service. Finally, I am eternally grateful for God having control over the storm and having a hedge of protection over my family. Even when I do not understand God’s purpose, I trust that His plan is greater than mine. Hurricane Matthew made me realize how amazing people can actually be.
In conclusion, my experience with Hurricane Matthew helped me understand the magnitude of God’s power and love. This natural disaster made me worry about the unknown facts, and this hurricane allowed me to sympathize with the people who suffered around me; moreover, Hurricane Matthew allowed to be grateful for my hometown and the people who live here. This storm happened because God wanted it to and not because he could not stop it. This hurricane may have been a way to open people’s eyes to how astonishing God can actually be. Hurricane Matthew allowed me to realize how life can change in an instant and how breathtaking God’s love is

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