The history of the Asian community in Britain

Published: 2021-09-30 14:55:05
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The history of Britain is marked by a continued presence and increasing trends of Asian occupation. The history of the Asian community in Britain portrays a long-term presence and increasing migrations, an area that has caused great concern among the researchers, academicians, as well as scholars. History explains the trends in the evolution of an entity since its inception and up to the point of its review. The history of the Asian community in Britain dates back in the 18th century, in the period 1850s up to date. Britain has thus become one of the world’s multicultural centers, with rampant tribes from the four corners of the world. Migration and settlement of the Asians in Britain is attributed to the existence of emigration and migration policies, conflicts in the Asian lands, employment opportunities desire among the people and so on. Asians are also known to be very outgoing people in regard to invention, and their presence in the land has excellent rationales, though some are attributed to negativity.
The Asian community also consists of people from distinct origins, the earliest coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri-Lanka. The presence of the Asians in British land is known to have influenced the culture, agricultural, industrial as well as the urban sectors of the economy. The political as well as the social have not been exceptions from the influence by the long presence of these aliens. The continued migration and settlements of Asians in the recent years has drastically raised Britain populations to high scores. Researchers and scholars in the recent decades have continued to develop enthusiasm and interest in this area, though no study has directly related the history (Addison and Jones, 2007.

Therefore, the discussion in this paper investigates into the history of the Asian community in Britain. The migration and settlement of the Asians in the land is also found ample to present in order to enhance the understanding of the history. An establishment of the Asian statistics in Britain is also found to provide a rationale in this discussion. Furthermore, the kind of influence on Britons as well as original settlers in Britain will also be duly presented.
The history of the Asian community in Britain
The history of Asian immigration to the Britain dates back in 1850’s. Different phases have been seen arrive the phases over the years, the first wave arriving in 1850 in the city of United Kingdom. The reason for the referral inform of phases is because of conformity with immigration laws that have Marjory controlled the immigration trends. The first and the second waves having arrived in 1850 an d 1882 respectively, laws were set regarding a stop of immigrants from Asia moving in to the United Kingdom. The 1970 again saw a restoration of the immigration laws that enabled other more waves moving into the United States, carrying heavy populations. The waves can be categorized into three basic groups. The first waves that were experienced in the period between 1850 and 1942, consisting mainly of Chinese and Japanese people. Most of them immigrated in search of labor due to the arising human needs. The second period occurred between 1943 and 1965, due to the evaluation and revision of the e migration laws in the Asian countries as well as those of immigration in the United Kingdom. The set laws were set in favor of immigrants, thus this period experiencing a vast number of people move from the Asian nations. The period from 1965 up to date is the most relevant, being the one in which rampant migrations take place. Today, not only do the Asians migrate to the Britain, but also to other countries around the globe. The causal factors for migration have also become modified, and the laws have been regulated to ease movement for all kinds of people (Addison and Jones, 2007.
The British citizens who have long emigrated from Asia from are a term that has been utilized to describe the Asians who are found living in Britain. The establishment of the East India Company is known to the beginning of southern Asian people immigration to Britain. This saw the movement of the Indian continent people to England. The independence attainment by Pakistan, India, as well as Sri-lanka was a rationale to the increased immigration and this was increased during the British Raj period. The history of the migration is also said to have emanated from economic and educational pursuits. The earliest settlements origin in Great Britain from Asia cannot be attributed, including the Romanis. The middle ages are the earliest estimated times which saw the Asians settle in the Briton land. The sinti are also inclusive of the earliest groups, originating from the regions of Pakistan and North India. The period 1000 saw the Asians begin to travel westwards, where they were mixed Southwest Asians and people from Europe. Sizeable numbers of Romanis started arriving at the Western Europe in the 16th century (Spencer, 1939).
The 1660 saw the enactment of the Navigation act that restricted the employment realms for sailors from Non-English regions. Records of baptism in the East-Greenwich indicate that Malarban coast people origins were seeking better areas to establish their religion. The phases of migration that were in migration and settlement are grouped into four categories. The first phase saw the immigration of people who were in need of better employments that included the substandard jobs, including those of cooks as well as farming in small-scale farms. The recent years have been characterized by rampant migrations of the Asians into Britain and other area (Spencer, 1939).
The migration and settlements of Asians to the Britain
The emigration policies that had set in each of the Asian countries, and their relationship with the immigration policies at work in the Britain has been a long term factor that contributing to the Asian immigration into the British countries. The second rationale entails the linkage between Britain and the South Asian countries in relation to economical, political, social, as well as military linkages. A third migration cause is the aspect of globalization, in the fact that the world has been modified recently to appear like a small city where people can move to and fro. This has also made the movement process easy, making the movement of the Asians into the United Kingdom year-by-year (Spencer, 1939).
Theories have long been put forward that provide broad literature concerning the immigration of the Asian people into the Britain as well as into other countries. The push and pull forces that are considered causal for migration are abundant, and contributing to the actions of the pull and push theory. The push action of the theory is manifested in the fact that major factors are considered to cause the Asians move out of their original homeland into an alien land. These factors include search for labor, spirit of adventure, in search for better business as well as conflicts occurrence in the emigration land. The pull action comes in when the target alien land has a ground for provision of the needed by the immigrants. The Asians consider the Britain to possess important soil, geographical and development addition to social and culturally ample features. These are push factors that make the Asians develop increased enthusiasm to travel abroad, constituting the push and pull theory (Visram, 2002).
Migration is a major contributor to population increase in Britain spheres. The earliest known Asian settlers in Britain were from the Bangladesh region, Pakistan as well as the Sri-Lankans. The recent years have seen the Chinese and Japanese continue to settle in Britain for agricultural, industrial as well as urban and technological reasons. Therefore, the change in the agricultural, industrial and urban sectors has experienced a boost as a result of increased migrations and settlement. The rampant migrations have seen increased interactions in terms of language influence. The Asians have influenced the Britons with their language and at the same time, the Britons impacted their language on the immigrating Asians. Migration has also a causal factor for the adoption of new farming, industrial as well as technological skills (Kalra and Sayyid, 2008).
Statistics of the population of South Asians in Britain
The southern Asians are the earliest people known to have settled in Britain, since the year 1850. The distinct types of the south Asians in the Britain region include those that came from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri-lanka. The Chinese and the Japanese people are also present in Britain in large numbers. The current statistics indicate the Asians to consist of 15% of people from Pakistan, Bangladesh as well Sri-lanka. The Indians from southern Britain are also the largest part of the Asians in the British continents (35%). The trends of movement in the phases have shown a great increment according to the recent research. The recent years have seen many people from the four corners of the world desire to get their way into the Britain. The earlier waves are known to have trends that were rising in terms of the immigration population as well as movement and settlement reasons. Philosophical thinkers have tried to come up with explanations governing the recent immigrations into Britain. Most of the causal factors are because of political, social, as well as economic interests. Many scholars believe that the Britain has the best education system, therefore desiring to become part of the same. The economists have credited the country with excellent economic systems as well as financial management ones, thus making most people want an association with the powerful country. The Academicians have contributed to the recent developed immigration trends in Britain in their urge to compare the academic curriculum with other systems since the Britain systems are considered the best around the globe (Kalra and Sayyid, 2008).
Influence on Britain by the presence of Asian community
The style of life of the Britons has been greatly influenced by the immigration and settlement of the Asian community in the land. The culture of the Britons was ideally eroded as a result of rampant interactions with the Asians. The language was also ideally influenced by the mix of cultures where each culture had to learn the language of the other. A strong adaptation skill to the region was a demand for all people found in the British continent. The Asians are known to have a passion for music, arts and performances, theatre activities, factor which has long led to the establishment of experience economy centers. The establishment of the events industries including the tourism industry is a result of the increased interaction between distinct communities. The Britons were taught how to adopt the agricultural practices, which have long caused the increases experienced in the economic fields. The history and the present day immigration to the Britain has become an issue of concern in the recent years. The U.S is one of the countries where population rise has also been an issue in the research reams. This is attributed to the in movement of people from other continents, predominantly the Asians, and specifically the Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese were the original immigrants in the 1850’s. Following the enactment of distinct laws governing immigration by the different ruling regimes in the Britain, four waves have been seen come into the Britain, the first beginning in the 1850. The second was in operation in the 1943 up to 1965. The third was found to operate in the 1965 and up to 1980, while the last rate from 1980s to the present day, constitutes the current immigration trends (Brown, 2007).
Immigration emanates from the desire to boost the economic, social, as well as political status of a nation. It is also geared towards the achievement of better cultural conditions of the immigrants, for instance immigrant women in the Britain due to the alienation of culture, thus they are able to acquire life with freedom. Scholars are migrating to enhance their knowledge as academicians search for better curriculum. Industries like Japan and China move in search for industrial location and business contraction sites, as the traders seek ample trade partners across the globe. More over, the enactment of immigration laws in countries like the UK has made it possible for many immigrants to emerge. The impacts of immigrations include global technological advancements, urbanization, and industrial developments, in addition to the conflicts and culture linkages and alienations as in the current world. However, the Asians have left a mark in their rampant immigration trends to Britain (Brown, 2007).
The rationale of the presence of the Asian community in Britain
The presence of the Asians in Britain has had major positive and negative effects on the Britons, the immigrants as well as the entire country’s realms. The Asians are long known to possess a heart for development and making great industrial discoveries. Thus, the recent industrial advancements are known to have taken place partly because of the presence of the immigrants. The increment in the agrarian revolution and the agrarian shifts that have long taken place in Britain are attributed to the presence of the Asians in the region. Britain is today identified as one of the multicultural countries in the world due to continued presence of the Asians in Britain. Thus, alienation of cultures occurred to great extents such that mostly the existence of mixed cultures is prominent. The recent technological advancements have had their way due to the increased occupation of the Asians in Britain. The experience economy sector has been ideally improved due to the influence of Britain by the immigrant Asians. There has been development of arts, tourism, as well as the events industry (Brown, 2007).
The recent industrialization trends have made it possible for the formation of linkages between the Asian and American continents, facilitating the movement of people from one corner to the other in search for better industrial linkages. These have made the Japanese and the Chinese people become rampant in the Unites states industrial realms, owing to the fact that they are industrial-minded people. These have moved and settled in the United Kingdom fostering for the best development patterns. The recent academic trends have also enabled the immigration of people from the Asian to the American continent. Thus, the recent immigration trends are composure of all kinds of people, and the population of the Britain has solely increased (Brown, 2007).
The history of Britain is marked by a continued presence and increasing trends of Asian occupation. The history of the Asian community in Britain portrays a long-term presence and increasing migrations, an area that has caused great concern among the researchers, academicians, as well as scholars. The recent statistics indicate the presence of large numbers of Asians in Britain, up to almost 50%. The presence of Asians has ideally influenced the political, social and economic life of the Britons and other cultures though has a very great economic rationale. More research should be conducted to reveal correct statistical figures of Asian community in Britain.
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