The Drawbacks of Marketing Automation in Business Organization

Published: 2021-10-01 21:10:15
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Marketing automation could nurture leads and develop better relationships with prospects even before interacting with the marketing team. A big part of the purchasing process is overseen by the marketing team. The team ensures that the data obtained from leads is utilized through the automated marketing processes to achieve a better outcome.
Research has it that only a quarter of buyers reveal their interest to purchase during the early stages of product development. The remaining majority gain interest in the products and services as a result of the automated marketing activities in the digital era (Chaffey et al 515).
Marketing automation could lead to the customers being informed; hence, their ability to make a bigger purchase. During the process of nurturing leads through the automated activities, customers get to learn more about the organizations that they have been interacting with. The provision of more relevant information to customers provides a platform for the organizations to earn more revenue through bigger purchases that result from nurtured relationships (Baker, Michael and Hart 16).

Marketing automation could grant visibility into the behavior of customers by collecting the relevant information about their internet activities. Marketers who understand their customer become more strategic in their communications as the automated marketing tools avail the marketers with the relevant information pertaining to their audience.
Marketing automation could also prioritize leads by grading them based on the activities that have been recorded by the CRM tools. The scores could be helpful in gauging the level of interest and the intentions to purchase products or services (Baker, Michael and Hart 38).
Limitations of Marketing Automation
There could be a challenge of defining clear objectives when the automated marketing processes are used alongside the CRM tool of marketing. It is necessary for an organization to define a clear set of objectives that it strives to achieve by building a customer relationship. Most of the organizations that use CRM tool of marketing do not have well-set goals that they intend to implement. In many occasions, the goals are not measurable; thus, the organizations cannot assess the advantages and challenges of using the CRM (Baker, Michael and Hart 385).
There could be a challenge of settling on a core team that would work on implementing the CRM in marketing. Many organizations seem to think that it is the duty of the IT person to manage and control the entire process. It is a requirement that a competent team is put in place to initiate the CRM implementation process.
Defining the automated marketing process could be a problem for the organization. Without a clear definition of the project, it is guaranteed that the project would not be successful. It would be appropriate if all the aspects of the automated marketing process are defined to ensure the security and efficiency of the project.
Moreover, it may be difficult to re-align the automated marketing programs with the culture of the company. It is necessary that the business owners map their operations with the CRM application to provide a favorable environment for the employees and users while keeping track of the company operations (Baker, Michael and Hart 429).
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