The Difference in Living in the South

Published: 2021-09-28 00:55:03
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Introduction with Thesis Statement This paper will be discussing the differences in living in the South, and in the North. The two places that will be compared are Chicago Illinois, and Clarksville Tennessee. It will also tell how the two places are alike and different. The difference is the fast pace of city life, and the slow pace of country living. The city life is a better way of living then that of the country, due to its broad cultural environment. Topic 1 The city life is a fast pace way of living than in the country.
Unlike the country the cities traffic is like having rush hour all day long. People are rushing to do just about everything, from shopping, eating, exercising, and most importantly to go to work. People go downtown to enjoy the different sites, like the Sears Tower, and the great big buildings the city folk love so much. The food is always magnificent; you can get any kind of food from any nationality. There are many different ethnic groups that dwell in the city of Chicago.
There are Mexicans, who live mostly on the Westside of Chicago, and African Americans who live mainly on thee Southside of Chicago. The Eastside is also filled with Blacks. As for the North you will see a majority Whites, these are known as the suburbs. Downtown you have a mixture of them all. You will see Asians, Indians, Italians, French, and West Indies. The streets are crowded everyday with people who are in a hurry. Buckingham Fountain is one of the most beautiful fountains in the City of Chicago.

You may recognize it from the TV series Married with Children. The lights that shine are of every color on an artist’s canvas. There are at least five museums; great exhibits for every member in your family. There’s also a museum located on Stoney Island Avenue, with a Harry Potter exhibit it is very fascinating. Down town is like being in a crowded Grocery store. There is always cars honking, buses stopping at every stop, taxi cabs tail-gating other cars, people running to catch the bus, and running to get into shops as they open.
Some people are crossing the street from every direction trying to get to the other side of the street. You begin to feel like you are a part of something bigger than you are. Start Topic 2 here The country life is a bit slower than that of the city a particular place is Clarksville Tennessee. Clarksville is a small town near a Military Installation. When the soldiers are gone its like living in a ghost town, because the military make up most of the population. The campgrounds are lots of fun, but you have to drive an hour away to Kentucky to enjoy the scenery.
The country life is mostly dealt with outdoor activities. In the summer there are Barbeques, parks, swimming pools, and jazz on the lawn. Along the local streets there farms and lots of land for sale. Most of your neighbors own farmland and they have all sorts of farm animals, like cows, horses, and chickens. The air is not always as fresh as you think there is the fertilizer, and the smell of the factories smoke. Clarksville is very close to the boarder of Oak Grove Kentucky; so driving to the next state to go to your local YMCA was never that fun.
There is only a four-corner mall to shopat in Clarksville, so we drive an hour away to go to Nashville Tennessee where there are five malls. The town has a festival from time to time nothing too big due to limited of space available for the town activities. The downtown is very small they have a couple of bars and boutiques. There is one pub that is almost fun it’s called the Black Horse. You can eat, drink as well as dance and mingle. Clarksville is so slow that it makes you want to go back to sleep as soon as you wake up. There are lots of Amish settlers who still live in the town of Clarksville.
They do not drive cars, or ride buses they still ride buggies that are pulled buy horses. The town caters to them, there are many signs around that say “reduce speed ahead: with the horse and buggy picture on them. The town is so spread out that you will have to own a car. The town’s transportation is scarce, there is CTS (Clarksville Transit System), but it stops at nine o clock in the evening, and it runs every two hours. It is very hard to live in the country, and most of all a big difference from the city. The comparison of the Two
Living in the City of Chicago is quite the difference then living in Clarksville Tennessee, First you have to schedule a precise time just to meet your friend for coffee at Starbucks, or lunch at Abdo Mexican Grill and shopping at Macy’s due to the busy flow of traffic that is in the city. Going down town is big because of the people, the crowds are exciting, the different types of nationalities you see make you a part of a great country that has done away with racism. There are so many sites to see in Chicago; Sears Tower the Museums with all the nice exhibits and much more.
However, in Clarksville There is no traffic you can call your friend up anytime for a cup of coffee and meet right then. The only crowd of people are the ones inside of a Super Wal-Mart Store, in the only sites are your neighbors back yard looking at them barbecue: Unless you drive an hour away everyday to go see the sites in Kentucky or shop in Nashville Tennessee. Choosing the City life is great there is wade too much to see and do, Tall building lit up by beautiful lights at night, different nationalities of people Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, Koreans, Germans, Whites and blacks.
The many choices of ethnic restaurants: enjoying food you like created by that race. Having a China town right in your own city, the cultural is so a live you think you really are in China. The people and their clothes, the stores are all Chinese stores, you cannot buy any American anything from China town. People being in a hurry cars moving fast, tall building, and not having to drive hours away to go to a mall is why living in the city is exciting. The Conclusion

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