Stardust: the Wall and Tristan

Published: 2021-09-28 13:20:04
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Through dedication, love, and courage, Tristan Thorne overcomes the strength and ability to grow up and become a man.
The movie stardust is an adventure movie that brings thrill and excitement. As Tristan grows into being a mature man he faces many difficult tasks. Example, while Tristan is facing the love of his life. The girl does not give him a chance as he knows Humphrey is proposing to the girl Tristan likes. Tristan knows he has exactly one week to get the ring for the girl or she marries Humphrey.When Tristan turns to his father for help, Tristan’s father has a surprise for him, as he takes him up into the attic and gives Tristan a gift. A gift his father has had for him his whole life, a gift from Tristan’s mother he has never met.
Tristan finds out it is a note in a basket addressed from his mother. In the note wrapped up is a Babylon candle from his mother. In the note it explains how he can use the candle his mother gave him, and what it is used for. As it takes one week for Tristan to grow up, he realizes he must cross the wall to get the star the love of his life is asking for.Tristan realizes he cannot cross the wall unless he has some help, as Tristan got his help. Tristan sneaks past the old man and over the wall. Yet, Tristan does not realize what he has in front of him, and what lies ahead of his battle to get the star he has always hoped of getting for the love of his life.

First, Tristan grows and matures into a man by crossing the wall, and capturing the star. Second, as Tristan has the star he has always wanted; he realizes his true love is right in front of his eyes, and is not the girl he was capturing the star for.Finally, Tristan gets his wish by capturing the star, and becomes king. One reason why it takes Tristan a week to mature and grow up because he realizes he has such short time to capture the star that he needs. Tristan only has one week, and he realizes he has competition trying to capture the star as well. Second, Tristan realizes he is not the only one in pursuit of trying to capture the ring, as the witch and brothers try and track him down to become next king and queen. Finally, Tristan matures into a man by the help of his captain and friends he has met along the way of capturing the tar.
Tristan realizes the love of his life is right in front of him, instead of back home. First, Tristan falls in love with the star, but yet does she know he has feelings for her and he does not know how to explain his feelings towards her. Tristan finds out the real truth of how she feels for him when his own mother turns him into a mouse, after they met up along a trail and he asked for a ride. She said he must give up his Snow Drop flower to catch a ride. As soon as Tristan gave up the flower, she made Tristan a mouse and put him in a cage in the back of the wagon.Star explains her feelings to Tristan as he is a mouse, and she does not know he understands or is listening. Second, Tristan tells star he has heard what she has had to say about her feelings towards him and Star is quit shocked.
My last reason why Tristan never knew his true love was right in front of his eyes, because the captain on the ship explained to him it has been all along; he just never realized it. Finally, Tristan gets his wish by capturing the star and becoming King.First, Tristan became King by being the last one alive to capture the Star, and bringing her back home with him. Second, Tristan is crowned King by capturing the heart of the stone, which leads to internal life. Tristan got his wish by defeating the last witch alive, before the witch had a chance to kill the girl and capture the star. Third, when Tristan is crowned King, he receives a gift from his mother; which is one last Babylon candle. In Conclusion, Tristan Thorne overcomes the ability and strength to become a mature man.
When Tristan battled his way to win the power to become crowned King, Tristan first jumped the wall when he was not dared to enter. Second, without the help of his own mother he never met his whole life, and the note in the basket being wrapped up with a Babylon candle inside his father gave him. It was the fastest way he could travel to get the star that he needed, and to get the ring for the love of his life back at home. As much as Tristan knew it was important to keep Star with him, Tristan had to always keep a close eye on her in order not to lose her.Tristan knew she was very popular and had to overcome great challenges not lose her, because Tristan knew it was his only chance to get the ring for the love of his life; which later on he discovers she is a star and does not realize she is the key for whoever becomes the next crowned King. Later, Tristan realizes he is not the only one trying to capture the star, and that has forced him to grow up very quickly to becoming a man. In the end, Tristan gets crowned King, by defeating everyone else behind him and gets the love of his life which was right in front of his eyes all along.

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