Specific Population and Advocate Role

Published: 2021-09-28 23:35:02
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Advocates usually argue or may plead in the favor of something of good cause such as a policy or act of support. The human service field has advocates who advocate for clients to make decisions for institutions, social systems, and economics. It is based on moral, faith or ethical principles to protect the interest of others. Advocacy helps individuals make a change in society. There are many types of social justice advocacy. The specific population of advocacy of interest would be teens with bipolar disabilities.
Understanding Bipolar Disorders Bipolar disorders are lifelong conditions which effects how teens act and the way they feel. It is a mood disorder that effects how teens act and the way they may feel. It is better when family members and close associates understand the symptoms of the disorder. It is a mood disorder that effects the emotions and thoughts. This disorder causes depression and manic highs. One minute someone with this disability may feel great and change suddenly to feeling gloomy.There are medications that can help someone manage his or her life better.
Relatives and friends should understand that this illness leads to severe mood swings. Teenagers with bipolar disorder can be effectively treated. Treatment for bipolar disorder usually includes education of the patient and the family about the illness, mood stabilizing medications such as lithium and valproic acid, and psychotherapy. Mood stabilizing medications often reduce the number and severity of manic episodes, and also help to prevent depression (Family Resources, 2001).This can lead to conflicts with anyone that the teen comes in contact with any time of the day. There is actually no cure for this disorder, so treatment is the next best thing. Ways to Assist with Problem The advocate can assist the teen in many ways.

The advocate must understand that the client has a chemical imbalance in the brain. Medicines are supposed to correct the imbalances in the brain which helps to improve the symptoms. The advocate’s job is to help the teen connect with different resources in the community.Advocacy helps to generate a youth response by educating the community regarding behavioral health and allowing them to change their perceptions towards people who suffer from the disease, therefore reducing the stigma placed upon people with behavioral needs (Office of Prevention Program, 2008). These resources will usually be beneficial to teens in need of help. The advocate will help the client to make better decisions when going through the overwhelming challenges. One way to advocate for a teen with bipolar is to give resources, support and trainings.
Teens should be informed about making positive decisions when it comes to sex and parenting. The teen can be supported by the advocate by safely getting the proper services for the teen with consent to treat. The teen needs to understand the risks involved in making wrong decisions.References Bipolar Disorder Manic Depressive Illness in Teens, All Family Resources, (2001). Retrieved August 23, 2010, from www. familymanagement . com OFFICE OF PREVENTION PROGRAMS, TEEN ADVOCACY COALITION HOSTS ANTI-STIGMA CAMPAIGN.
(2008). Retrieved August 23, 2010, from Research Library.

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