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Published: 2021-09-27 15:50:03
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RNI NO. :DBLBIL/2001/4088 VOL 8, ISSUE 5, APRIL 2011 A Star Media Group Publication INDIA’S AYUSH AND HEALTH TOURISM JOURNAL SKIN LASERS Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN) (Deptt. Of AYUSH, Min. of Health & F. W. , Govt. of India) 61-65, Institutional Area, , Janakpuri, NEW DELHI - 110 058 Tel: 011-28520430, 31, 32; Fax: 28520435 E-mail: ccryn. [email protected] com Website: www. ccryn. org CCRYN is actively engaged in Research, Development, Promotion, Propagation, Education, Training, Publication etc.
Grant-in-aid for Clinical and Literary Research 1 100% Grant-in-aid is given to Yoga & Naturopathy Institutes for conducting research. 2 Grant is provided for translation, publication of ancient Yoga texts and other standard literature based on modern scientific research. Grant-in-aid for TCPC and PCC 3 More than 140 Yoga & Naturopathy Hospitals all over India including remote areas and North Eastern Region are given grant under Treatment-cum-Propagation Centre (30 Bed Hospital – Rs. 9. 00 lakh P. A. ) and Patient Care Centre (20 & 10 Bed Hospitals – Rs. . 00 lakh & Rs. 3. 00 lakh P. A. ) Central Research Institute (CRI) 4 Free land has been taken over from the Government of Karnataka and Haryana for 100 Beds Research Hospital and construction is under progress. Free land of 10 to 20 Acres is being allotted by Govt. of Manipur, Orissa, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand. National Campaign on Yoga & Naturopathy for Holistic Health being conducted all over India. Publications 1 2 3 4 5 12 Research Monographs since 2005. CDs on Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy in Hindi, English and Tamil. 8 books in Hindi & English. More than 30 brochures, leaflets and booklets in Hindi and English for free distribution. Yogic Prakritik Jeevan, quarterly magazine, in English and Hindi. Yoga & Naturopathy OPDs since 2005 1. 2. 3. 4. Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi RML Hospital, New Delhi Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi Fellowship for Ph. D. Scholars since 2006 at Rs. 6,000/- P. M. for 3 years. Yoga Fitness Classes at Delhi-12: 1 Headquarters - 6, Udyog Bhawan - 2, AIIMS - 4
Paramedical Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy (DNYT)–2 years from 2011 The yearly financial assistance for the course is Rs. 5. 00 Lakh. Scholarship to the BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogis Sciences) students from 2011: 1 Rs. 5000/- will be given to 110 students from the first year for pursuing the Course outside their State. Other Achievements: 1 The Council has organized several All India level Seminars/Workshops on Yoga & Naturopathy. 2 It is actively participating in various Arogyas and Health Melas. (Prof. Dr. B. T. Chidananda Murthy) Director NEWS ISSUES NEWS MEDICAL RESEARCH

Ghulam Nabi Azad noted that the AYUSH systems of medicine are of great antiquity he Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad chaired the meeting of Consultative Committee of Parliament attached to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in New Delhi to specifically discuss the activities of Department of AYUSH. Cutting across party lines the Consultative Committee members lauded the progress made by the Department of AYUSH in the short p of sixteen years since the inception of separate Department for Indian Systems of Medicines and Homeopathy in 1995.
Sh Ghulam Nabi Azad noted that the AYUSH systems of medicine are of great antiquity and the Department has been making significant strides in providing an enabling environment to develop these systems with its infrastructure of National Institutes, Research Councils, Pharmacopoeial Laboratories, the Public Sector Undertaking of Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical T Secretary, Department of AYUSH Anil Kumar drew the attention of the members to the new initiatives taken by the Department in the XIth Plan Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad
Mauritius Patient at Eye - Q for Lasik Eye Surgery Dr. Vibhuti Sharan MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology) Corporation Limited as also the National Medicinal Plants Board. The Minister highlighted that mainstreaming of AYUSH systems has become a successful strategy in the National Rural Health Mission. He also elaborated on the efforts made by the Department towards ensuring quality control of drugs. The Minister however pointed out the acute shortage of doctors in rural areas and elicited views of the Members in itigating the situation by utilizing the AYUSH doctors to fill the felt need at grass root levels. The Consultative Committee members shared the concern of the Department over some key issues like low capacity reflected in vacancies; pending Utilisation Certificates from States; weak drug enforcement machinery; collaborative research and building quality – drugs, therapies, hospitals, laboratories, teaching colleges. The Members requested the Health Minister to ensure employment and utilization of trained manpower of AYUSH. e-Q, symbol of excellence in eye care and largest chain of super specialty eye clinics across Northern India today executed a special Lasik eye surgery for three patients of the same family who had specially flown down from Mauritius to receive the treatment. Speaking about his Lasik surgery at Eye-Q, Mr. Patoo Jor Roshan said "I have particularly travelled to India to get my Lasik eye surgery done. I was referred to Eye-Q by a friend who underwent Lasik eye treatment to correct poor eyesight at Eye-Q and has experienced remarkable difference. ” E Devi Shetty Targets Medical Tourism In Cayman Isles
FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD Without operation Cure Cataract, Glaucoma, Myopia, Hypermetropia & incurable eye diseases of Retina (Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Colour blindness) & different types of eye cancer. Inventor : Em. Prof. Dr. M. S. Basu Senior Ayurvedic Eye Specialist International & National Awardee Dr. Basu with H. E. President, Ex-vice President, Home Minister of State, GOI, Ex-Health Minister, GOI, Ex-Chief Minster, U. P. , Ex-Petrolem Minster, GOI. 'Minimal Invasive RoboticHeart Surgery NOW ! FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD... Emeritus Prof. Dr. M.
S. Basu adds a new chapter in Medical Science by curing Retinoblastoma patient successfully Patients of poor vision, referred by AIIMS-Delhi, Shankaralaya Netralaya-Chennai, Gandhi Eye Hosp. , Aligarh etc. have been cured successfully. Spectacles get removed up to +8. 50 No side effects Recovery of vision within 5 minutes EXPORT COUNCIL PATENTED BY PATENTED BY GOVT. OF INDIA W. T. O. EXPORT LIC. OF GOVT. OF INDIA TM REGN. FROM GOVT. OF INDIA S. S. I. REGD. GOVT. OF U. P. G. M. P. CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2000 For Franchises, only BAMS, BUMS, DHMS,MBBS, & Qualified Optician may be contact Dr.
Basu Eye Hospital & Centre to Cure Without Operation 23-B, Ekta Nagar, Bareilly (U. P. ) India. Ph. +91 9997722223, +91 98370 06102, +91 93196 23728 EW DELHI: Safemedtrip has unveiled latest and state of the art 'Minimal Invasive Robotic Heart Surgery Programme' in the country. This programme will be helpful to the patients, who are suffering from Heart Disease as they will be benefiting from its 'Minimally Invasive Robotic Heart Surgery Programme' with its latest advances in heart surgery techniques. Robotic Heart Surgery programme is quite affordable at Safemedtrip affiliated hospitals.
N NEWS ISSUES Pregnant lady doctors forced to work at AIIMS NEWS PRODUCT LAUNCH country's biggest medical institute, and fighting for our basic rights," said a senior resident from the Neurosurgery Department on the condition of anonymity. “We have been using our other unpaid leaves as we are not getting the maternity leaves which are paid leaves. I reach office at 8 in the morning and work till 6 in the evening, and sometimes we have night duty too. This behaviour is completely inhuman," said another lady doctor from Gynaecology Department on the condition of anonymity.
Due to the confounding behaviour of the administration, few of the residents have already left the institute and their job with it, as it was getting impossible for them to work at this stage of pregnancy. “Two ladies joined last month on a regular basis and wanted maternity leave and the institute is creating hassles. Despite the DGHS order we could get 2+2 (or 3+1) months (unpaid and paid) maternity leave till January this year for most residents. The problem has assumed serious proportions now with recent hassles by AIIMS administration," said Dr Debjyoti Karmakar, President, Residents Doctor Association (RDA)
Sonakshi Sinha New brand ambassador for Fem bout 40 senior resident doctors, who are pregnant, forced to continue with their duties as the administration allegedly isn't allowing them any time off Among other things, AIIMS is also renowned for its pregnancy care. But that only benefits the patients. It appears that the institute is rather callous when dealing with maternity issues of its own employees. At least 42 senior resident doctors who are pregnant are currently working in various departments of the institute. "I am coming to the hospital even in the 37th week of my pregnancy.
We had applied for leave months ago, but the administration is not responding. At this point of pregnancy, all women are asked to take complete bed rest. But here, we are working in the A n the occasion of 100th International Women's Day, Fem, the leading & most trusted beauty brand from the House of Dabur, announced the signing of Bollywood heartthrob Sonakshi Sinha as the new brand ambassador for the brand FEM. The agreement was signed on Tuesday by Ms Sonakshi Sinha and Dabur India Ltd Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sunil Duggal. The first campaign for Fem bleaches featuring Ms Sinha will be launched shortly. O

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