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Published: 2021-09-30 02:20:04
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Hiring a customer care manager
Human Resource Planning involves systematic forecasting organisational future demand and supply of human resources and development of an effective approach for ensuring the employees skills are utilized with reference to the organisational strategic objectives (Evans, 2001). Therefore, this is the avenue through which an organisation identifies its current and future needs in terms of human resources. Since the customer service manager is an employee of an organisation, this is the best approach that can be used in selecting an individual for that position. The fact that this approach is based on current and future prospects; it is the best avenue of ensuring the needs of an organisation are met in the current as well as future business environment (Conaty & Ram, 2011). Since the current strategies of organisations are customer focused, selecting a customer service manager that will provide an effective link between the organisation’s present and future business aspects will help in sustaining competitiveness of an organisation. Hence, the use of human resource planning in the process of selecting a new customer service manager will ensure that the selected individual has skills and capabilities of meeting the current and future organisation’s strategies that relate to customer management. Several approaches are necessary in the process of selecting the best individual for such a job.

First of all, the use of job analysis is one of the ways that a human resource manager can ensure an individual selected for a certain job is suitable. It involves the collection of information about the work environment, outcomes, necessary skills, responsibilities, and duties of a specific job (Evans, 2001). This is an important step in developing background information used for deciding on the qualities that should be searched for in an employee. Job analysis is divided into five stages that can be very effective in the identification of the requirements of a customer care manager. The initial stage is the planning stage, which enables effective setting of objectives of the job analysis. In this case, it will be used in recruitment of a human resource manager. This is then followed by preparation and introduction phase, which involves the identification of the job under review. The third phase is the actual process of job analysis. It is initiated once the preparatory stages are completed. At the end of the job analysis, the fourth stage, which involves the development of a job description and specifications, is initiated. The final stage involves the periodic maintenance and updates of the job description and specifications environment, outcomes, necessary skills, responsibilities, and duties of a specific job (Evans, 2001). This is very essential in this case since the current customer care manager is yet to retire and changes to the job specifications may take place before a replacement is made.
Furthermore, once job analysis comes to an end, the process of searching for a candidate for a job opening is initiated. It involves various approaches that are selected based on their effectiveness. In this incident, the use of internal and external advertising is the best approach of selecting passive candidates for the post. Advertising has been selected as the most appropriate approach in identification of candidates for the named job due to its wide applicability and accessibility (Evans, 2001). Internal communication channels such as notice boards and internal emails provide a cost effective way of ensuring all the employees of an organisation are aware of the job opening. Externally, advertisements can be done on numerous platforms such as the company’s website, newspapers, TV and many other online platforms. Advertising will enable the organisation to access a huge number of participants so as to have a multitude of participants who have varied expertise. This is important in the process of selecting the best person that meets the job specifications and descriptions.
Once a customer service manager has been selected, proper induction and retention strategies must be initiated to ensure the employee lasts long in the organisation and meets the organisation’s expectation. Induction allows an organisation to define its expectations clearly as far as the roles of a customer service manager are concerned (Evans, 2001). As much as effective induction serves as one of the major employee retention strategies, other strategies include a sense of involvement, recognition, setting out performance expectations, developing performance feedback and application of good leadership practices by the top management (Evans, 2001). This will ensure that the selected individual knows that what he/she is doing is correct and is appreciated by the organisation; a vital tool for employee motivation and hence retention.
Moreover, the process of selecting a successful candidate for a job in an organisation is normally affected by external environmental factors. This company is located in the UAE and, consequently, the political and economic environment of UAE will directly influence the process of selecting a successful candidate for the named job. For instance, the UAE is currently undergoing Emiratization, which has increased the government pressure for organisations to select Emiratis as preferred candidates in meaningful organisational positions (UAEInteract, 2013). On the other hand, the UAE has one of the largest expatriate populations globally who are well skilled and capable of handling such challenging positions. Though the government offers the locals a competitive advantage for such lucrative positions, it is quite challenging to select an individual in such a competitive job market. Furthermore, the success of an employee in an organisation is based on long-term investment on the employee by the organisation. The current labour laws in the UAE are very dynamic and are undergoing changes that may affect sustainability of an employee in an organisation especially in cases where a non-UAE national is to fill the post (UAEInteract, 2013). Such a case may result to short-lived career of an employee in the organisation thus destabilizing the performance of an organisation in such an important sector. Consequently, the process of selecting a candidate should not only focus on the experience and skills of the employee, but also future prospects with regard to labour laws and policies.
In conclusion, the competitiveness of an organisation is founded on selecting a human capital that can effectively meet the strategies and objectives of an organisation and employing strategies that will ensure the lowest rate of employee turnover as it is very costly for an organisation to change its workforce periodically (Merkel, 2010). The above process has identified the main areas of concern that should I will focus on when selecting a suitable and sustainable customer service manager for an organization. It is evident that not only skills and competencies are assessed in selecting an individual, but also a country’s labour laws and policies. Accordingly, when selecting a suitable candidate who will drive an organisation’s future successes, the above selection procedures should be followed coupled with effective induction and retention strategies.
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