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Published: 2021-09-27 08:00:02
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If I had one Job to choose in this world it would be a veterinarian specializing in equine. When I was little this was what I knew I wanted to grow up and do, even knowing I would have to go to school for what seemed to be forever to receive my doctorate. Since before I was walking I was riding horses, which lead into the rodeo route when I turned eleven and was the main focus point my whole life and if there's passion I had, it was rodeo.
The environment and passion rodeo provided me made me want to become a vet so much more; I wanted to know everything possible. When I was about sixteen is when I realized how much I wanted to pursue being a veterinarian. I was on the rodeo road hard core at this point in my life, it even took me out of normal high school to be home schooled while on the road. My main horse was getting hurt on a regular basis which led me to develop a close relationship with a vet who was an equine specialist.
When you're a vet you can work for yourself and if it is something you enjoy and want to have the knowledge and willingness to learn, you will be successful by the knowledge and the fact that people will trust you with their animals that they hold lose to their hearts. The hours may be long and tiring but when you enjoy your work the hours don't seem as long as they are. When someone puts their trust into you, you appreciate that and don't want to let them down. Its not Just an animal to people, it's like a child and for some people they can have up to half a million dollars invested.

The work environment is so amazing as you are inside and outside helping what you love, for me its horses. When you walk into the office to advise you're there for your appointment your greeting with smiling faces to make you comfortable owing you're in good hands. You have places to unload and place your horses while your waiting so they are not uncomfortable if they are in pain or sick. My goals in this role of life would first to be to finish school top in the class showing the knowledge and education provided to me.
I would want to have an internship with a well-known and trusted equine vet to establish and create the knowledge of someone who has been in the business and established. I would want to open my own business after I have created a small knowledge for the customers for myself. Once my business was opened I would want to have another veterinarian on board to handle the over boarding of many customers and emergency services for patients. I would want to create and share knowledge with customers and establish for the long run of the work place.
I would want to be trusted and a well-known place to go when you're in need of any help with your equine. My interest were much conformed into a lot of different major categories, unfortunately my dream Job of a veterinarian was not on there. The closest thing to my interest would be animal caretaker. With my dream major not being listed, it Just wows me that my interest are more geared to creating of animals. The education level needed for an animal caretaker is only a high school diploma and previous work experience. The annual salary is only about $21 ,OHO.
O which is another reason to me that sometimes the things you enjoy Just are not good ideas for the economy the way it is. Currently before completing my education that is less than half of my annual salary. My prior knowledge I was very well aware that unless you can struggle, or make it through school you cannot follow your heart to a small time Job that satisfied our needs; when it is that situation makes that your hobby not career. Parker, Heather M. "CUFF. Org - Interest Profiler. " CUFF. Org - Interest Profiler. College Foundation, 14 July 2014. Web. 4 July 2014 My dream Job of a vet compared to an animal caretaker differs in a few different ways from the salary to structure. The salaries vary greatly from a five figure annual salary to up to six. The Job satisfaction would be the same but as an animal caretaker you will not be able to provide care to heal or verify an illness. You will not have the same petition and the status in the community of the equine world; more of a barn hand to the owner on the supply chain. As a vet you have the same legal liabilities as a doctor with humans, you have to care and be passionate.
Ethical values are a moral code each of us has grown into as a personality; it has become part of you good or bad. The NAVA has established a set of principles and they are available online as well, they are well rounded values everyone should stand up to. You never want to portray unprofessional; you want to uphold your profession. You want to treat your customers as if you wanted to be rated. You never want to take advantage of them or withhold the truth or information. You are resuming the obligation of your clients to make decisions for the health of the animal.
The purpose of ethical codes is to ensure that everyone is getting treated fairly and the same, with respect. If you go to the doctor and they diagnose you with this terminal illness or something serious, you believe them and take them serious. The question comes in if you go through a lot of test and understanding to only find out that you have wasted your money because there is nothing really wrong with you. That would upset anyone, even to be glad to know you're okay but you have been betrayed by someone you have trusted that's not ethical or morally right.
There are many consequences from actions from you performing unethical acts, you can never gain the trust of clients and create new customer relationships. As I stated earlier you want to establish a great patient and client base, they need to trust you and understand that you're going to help; without that you may never make it in your profession. They can also range to legal issues; it is illegal to perform necessary medical acts without the patient and client understanding consent.
Acting ethically is something that should be a natural act for you, as when you were a kid treats others how you would like to be treated. If you're in the medical field think that you want your doctor to treat your mother how he/she would treat their mother. Same thing applies in the veterinarian world; there is a lot of investment and love in an animal like a child. If you are in it for the money or position on the pole of hierarchy your already thinking unethically. When it comes to the care and health of there and others loved ones you should naturally want the best.

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