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Published: 2021-09-27 16:00:03
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Trust security policy, ensuring that I have followed the trust's uniform policy. When arriving on the ward I attended to the nurse's station to recycle patient handover, which outlines any special requirements, for example If they need assistance with personal care or any speech/language Issues there might be. The handover Is confidential and adhering to data protection act and also the infallibility policy which Is In place wealth the trust.
I was asked by the nurse in charge to recheck a patient blood sugar as the night staff handed over it was low at 6 am. Before taking a blood capillary sample I ensured that I had all the equipment making sure that it was clean and in working order. I got a sharps bin and placed it on the BUM trolley. I went to the patient's bedside and asked for consent to check their blood sugar, the patient had suffered a C.V. and had beech problems, consent was given by a nod of the head.
I washed my hands using the 7 stage hand washing technique and applied personal protective equipment (PEP). I asked the patient which finger they would prefer me to use and they held a finger up for me. I took this as them understanding fully what I wanted to do and proceeded. I obtained the sample following Trust guidelines on point of care testing (PACT), disposing of waste and sharps as per Trust decontamination and waste and, harps disposal policies.

I informed the patient of the reading and they nodded their head to confirm they understood. I remove and dispose of the PEP as per Trust guidelines in a clinical waste bin and wash my hands. I then recorded the results in blood sugar monitoring pathway, I informed the nurse that the result was within normal range at 6. 1, I then stored the patient carded in the agreed storage area, adhering to confidentiality and, documentation and record keeping guidelines.

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