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Published: 2021-09-27 15:55:03
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Reflection Paper: Zombie Apocalypse Myths have been around in all parts of the world for thousands and thousands of years. All religions have their own myths on how the world was created and dealing with the evil spirits in the world and much more. Over the years there were different myths created making society believe in them along with others wanting the historical facts behind these myths. Making many of us develop a sense of fantasy with these myths. For example, the zombie apocalypse.
The word Zombie comes from the Haitian and New Orleans voodoo origins. It refers to a human dead body which serves the undead, but what makes people so crazed over it? Is it the mysterious way the illness or "bite" first started? Why is it continually being spoken about on the websites and on the television? Many people have their own interpretation on this. Many of it deals with the preparedness for the end of the world. This ties into the entertainment of peoples minds since people are bored in the world wanting to create a new myth. Let me elaborate on this farther.
When It comes to the zombie type of apocalypse many people have created movies, video games, and books on It. This type of apocalypse have given some people the "adrenaline rush" in video games for they can use violence to kill these zombies. Other people search the facts in order to prepare for disasters in the world. It can be tough to get people thinking about emergency preparedness before disaster strikes. Hollywood created these zombie movies, video games, television series, and books to spark our attention and get people Involved in preparing before a true natural disaster strikes.

Because of these many movies and books In the world It made people question this zombie apocalypse. Will it really happen? How do you prepare for it? Many people in the world have said to have an emergency plan and survival kit set up. But who would want to believe this? Is it a myth or fact? Many people have then thought of this apocalypse as another contribute to the humans who are "living" whom, without the threat of law, would contemplating to rape and kill you Just to take what you have, and to enjoy whatever sick twisted fantasy they cook up on the spot.
This Is the type of facts people have to add to this myth. As signs go on with the facts other than trying to survive and kill the zombies, people would get depression. Depression will lower your immune system, causing the stress and making you tired constantly which can add to your death or becoming a "zombie. " Even if there is not a zombie attack, the government might be more prepared for an earthquake or any other type of disaster which is more common than an actual zombie apocalypse. I personally do not believe In the typical zombie apocalypse movies and videotapes and such.
I do believe in other myths and such but with this type it is more fantasy than anything else. I would need to be given factual and solid scientific evidence explaining how and why this would occur. I refuse to acknowledge this as a valid warning. However I do have respect for some of the CDC government opinions, as they are entitled believe whatever they may want to. Even if it Is scientifically based To me it ties in with someone wanting the entertainment and excitement due to their boredom or preparing for the true natural disasters.
The idea is to get the attention of people who would otherwise not prepare for real, actual emergencies, like natural disasters by getting the attention of people and getting them to seriously think about an emergency kit, in order to save us money. In any survival situation you must have food, water, shelter & protection. However, if a zombie apocalypse were to occur, you would not only have to have the supplies to survive, but would also have to have the ability to protect the supplies and your family.
Most likely, you would need to have enough supplies for a minimum of three months. Then have a plan for either how to grow or produce your own supplies. This is another factual to needing to prepare. Personally, I would like to know why everyone thinks that they would be trying to survive. With the likely percentage of infection across the world in all the scenarios e imagine, there is a 99 percent chance that you would be a zombie too. What makes one think that it could not "happen to me? Why would one assume that they would be fighting them? Chances are they would be stumbling and moaning as well. These are questions that I face with this type of myth and why people could possibly be into this. Other people would use this as another way to get closer to their faith. For example, people would think that the zombies are Satin's demons and the "living" are God's children trying to escape Satin's grasp. To me this seems a very possible way to lead to their myth and fantasy in their minds.
As other people believe, like me, that the zombies are far-fetched, they do however look at the facts like the deadly flu in 1918 making people afraid to leave their homes. To me it is one way to use this apocalypse as entertainment to fill their boredom, but to end up believing this could possibly be an outcome in the world is bizarre. As, you can see many people use this as a way to prepare for the real disasters in the world, to have emergency kits and plans on how to survive. But then other people see it as actually happening. What do you believe in? Myth or fact? Why are you into this?

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