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David Anomalous Ransom, a postmodern revitalization of Homer's literary epic, the Iliad not only explores the Inner conflict born In man through the vicious undertaking of a path of revenge, but also the intense hatred sparked by the unbearable loss of loved ones. It is probable to many individuals that redemption is not vindicated until Justice has been achieved.
Nevertheless, for many, revenge is the best source of that achievement. Mallow in his own way acknowledges this idea, however, Juxtaposed with the thought of one's ability to transform and change, return back to the primal natures of humanity and overcome the most adverse conditions war unveils, these two Ideas merely Illustrate certain circumstances In the novel and therefore act as Just another part of such a poetic epic.
It is often identified that the crux of Ransom is centered around the notion of a mans hatred and burning desire to exact revenge on the individuals producing injustices, however, the book also demonstrates the ability of an individual to transform and adopt a desired persona that will be reminisced for generations to come. Ransom explores who we are and what It means to have an Identity. As the leader of Troy for many decades, Prima has always viewed himself as a king.

However, as age begins to have a stronghold on his life, the death of Hector acts as a perfect catalyst for change. He realizes his need to become a "father" rather than the "king" he has accustomed himself to. Mallow uses the Journey as an illustration that although this may seem purely as a search for his son's body, it is also a search for himself, a search to reinvent who he is and how he wishes his legacy will be renowned In the future . This very same idea can also be used In relation to the operation of modern society.
Mallow demonstrates to his audience that although at certain times individuals may feel trapped in the identity of something they're not, the ability to change is significant and ultimately is only possible in the change in ones mindset . Revenge and hatred are part of the book, however the importance of one ability to change is also far too great to be undermined. Ransom has an effect on many readers that It Is purely a story about the fulfillment of ones hatred and the glory of revenge, yet to many others, it Is story hat unveils a lot more. Nee of the key aspects of the novel Is Its ability to exemplify the innate nature of humanity among individuals, regardless of status. Achilles is one of the greatest Greek heroes known to man, however, throughout the novel, Mallow deploys various instances that explicitly expose the true vulnerability of being human. From the very outset of the piece, Achilles appears to be in conversation with the sea, soon clarified to be his mother. Through this meticulous placement, Mallow expresses the mystical aspects of his nature.
It Illustrates the notion of a dual self, both mortal and immortal. Subtly, it is a way for the readers to understand that even the individuals who front the most resilience, have softer sides that could inevitably be found out. Likewise, Prima, the king and most powerful individual in Troy also succumbs to the aspects that drive humans. Prima unsuspectingly draws on the notion of humanity when he appeals to Achilles as a father in the hope of receiving his son's body. This very meeting Is Mallow's Indication that we are all the same. He time comes, our final action will always be mirrored due to us simply being human . Revenge and hatred can be seen as a humanly trait, however, for the most art of the book there is no direct correlation , it is rather other parts of humanity that builds the foundation of the novel . Throughout the book, Mallow delves deep into the exploration of revenge and hatred, however, the notion of war's wasteful and consequential brutality is also a significant aspect of the novel.
Ransom speculates about what war can and cannot solve, and whether men are defined by violence as a display of masculinity, power and self-knowledge. This is the very notion that Mallow echoes throughout the novella, continually expressed through the use of his main characters. Achilles believes that amidst all the trauma and anguish brought to the city of Troy, it is necessary to avenge his beloved "soul-mate and lover", Patrols.
This is the very moment where his life begins to slip out of control, the moment it takes a path that seems unimaginable, a path full of bitterly violence. He begins to vent his built up frustration and inner conflict through not only the killing of Hector, but also the desecration of his body. Through this specific display, Mallow parallels the physical nature of Achilles with what many experience amidst the hostility of war. He illustrates that war simply strips away all the cultural ornamentation with which we surround ourselves and lays bare the human body in its most naked state.
Some may find that war is necessary for men to express themselves with violence, however to others, it can be portrayed purely as a cowardly and feeble response to what life hands down to them . Revenge and hatred are substantial elements to the considerably widespread thematic novel, however the role of war in modern society is consequently as important, and thus illustrated intensely by Mallow throughout his writing.

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