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Published: 2021-09-27 14:10:03
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Sexuality Introduction to the paper: In this paper, I will be writing of how the development of media, especially pornography and setting has influenced society's sexuality. First of all, setting refers to act of sharing or sending sexually explicit Images or words through the use of cellular phones or internet. As the technologies have developed over time, it became much easier for individuals to have access to setting and pornography. Now, with the rapid development of smart phones, and various applications to download, it became a lot more easier for people to enter the world of pornography.
The effect and Influence of pornography Is almost Inevitable and seems almost Impossible to put a firm stop to the business due to the great amount of economic power and portion it has on global scale. According to "Top Ten Reviews", there statistics on pornography reveals that every second, 3,075. 64 dollars are spent on It, and 28,258 people view them. "In 2006, $13. 33 billion dollars was spent In porn Industry and It exceeds the combined revenues of BBC,CBS and NBC.
However, it is very difficult to accurately determine the number of dollars spent and gained through the pornographic equines, because most of the revenues are created and hidden under the shade of black market. The combination of huge growth of market power and technological advancement has even allowed to push down the average age of viewing sexually explicit videos and pushed up the number of viewers. The reason this industry is able to gain and maintain its great financial power is due to the huge demand by the population.

In 2009, Medal Research Center shared a result that the word "Porn" was the most used word In the search for the videos In Youth. The reason I am sharing the results of statistics done by various researches is to show the amount of economic power the business of pornography holds and how so many people demand for the access to them. This paper Is not necessarily written to criticize the effect of the pornography market. It Is to observe how the new form of sexuality Is being created and how people's sexuality is influenced by this great market.
It does not necessarily look at how 1 OFF how the stereotype people have about setting and use of pornography could essentially lead to factorization of some teen aged girls. The purpose of this paper is to challenge the criticizing view that is given to teen aged girls that participate in setting. One of the most interesting part of this paper is where is criticizes the law ND education that does not fully educate or give cautions to people who may be exposed to the use of setting or any type of sexually explicit sources.
At one point, the author questions how setting would reproduce the cycle of pornography industry and how they are to challenge sexism. They believe that setting could be viewed as a way to be more free of sexual expression. This paper was very helpful in writing my paper, because it allowed me to have a look at different perspective of setting and the media. My paper is not to criticize the power of the media, rather it is to observe he power and the influence it has on the society.
Detailed data's are very useful to support my statements in the paper. By looking at the data's provided from this website, I was able to figure the economic power, circulation of pornography industry, great amount of demand by people around the world. Moreover, the data's help analyzing the different context of sexuality in relation to pornography, for instance "67% of young men and 49% of young women say viewing porn is an acceptable way to express one's sexuality' (Covenants, 2013).
It not only carries many accurate data but also provide many interesting views and ideas in writing the paper; many statistics in this web site were shocking. The number of data's and the results lead people to suggest how so many individuals around the world are involved and being influenced by the market. The statistic data from here are expected to be the main source for any statement that needs to be supported with some statistic data's.

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