Positive Links Hope and Hapiness

Published: 2021-09-27 14:40:03
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As I read the article “Positive Links Hope and Happiness” by Jerry Lopper, my minds starts to wonder. What am I thinking about? I am wondering about the word “Hope. ” I always say this to myself: without hope there would not be life. The article is about the function of hope in happiness, how hope and optimism are related, and how hope can determine academic success. In addition, the article also states that hope can be learned. Psychologist researchers study the role of hope in happiness. The psychologist researchers find out that it is very important and it adds a lot of aspects to people wellbeing.
I agree with the author; many times when I feel sad, it is like my body cannot function. I remember one day, my mom left to go to America. I and my sisters were very sad. Often times, I would wonder if I will ever see her again. I had no hope and that took a toile on my life. First, I started cutting class at school. After, I started getting in a lot of trouble in my neighborhood. If I had had hope, maybe those things would have never happened to me. In the article, Mr. Lopper says hope and optimism are slightly different. Optimism perspective focuses on the positive in life.
On the other hand, hope focuses on specific things in life. Mr. Lopper states that they are co-related with happiness. Mr. Lopper also states that famous motivational writer by the name of Dale Carnegie, identified that “most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. ” I like those words, listening to it motivates me. I am going to achieve all my goals even if it seems impossible. One of my goals is to be a doctor. Even though at this very moment, it seems impossible; I know I can do it. I am going to have high measures of hope.

In the article it says, people with high measure of hope have the ability to endure twice as much pain than people without hope. The good thing about hope, it can be learned. In a small study done by Ohio state university, the study places participants in a therapy session. They teach the participants skills that they believe are similar to hope. When participants are compared with people that are not in a therapy group, they possess significant measures of self-esteem, life meaning and anxiety. In conclusion, all of life challenges can be overcome if you have hope. I am going to leave this with people; without hope there is no life.

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