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Published: 2021-09-27 12:50:04
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Philip Morris promotion of Marlborough cigarettes. Instituted in the sass's. The brand moved to and assured that the flavor would be unchanged by the decision of adding a filter. "Come to where the flavor Is: Come to Marlboro man," Marlboro man was a rugged cowboy smoking Marlboro cigarettes while rolling his horse In the outdoors. The ad helped propel Marlboro to the top of the world market Threefold 1 ) Significant economic advantages. Standardized advertising lowers the cost of value creation by spreading the fixed costs of developing the advertisements over many Mounties. Ex.
Coca Cola saved $90 million over 20 yr by using certain elements of Its campaign globally 2)Creative talent is scarce and one large effort to develop a campaign is much more successful than numerous amounts of smaller efforts 3)many brands are global brands Against standardizing advertising 1) cultural differences between nations- a message that works In one nation could potentially fall In another nation. Cultural diversity makes It difficult to develop a single theme that Is effective on a global level 2)advertising regulations may block implementation of standardized advertising.
Ex. Kellogg could not use a commercial it produced in great Britain to promote its product in other European countries. A reference to iron and vitamins in its cereal was not allowed in the Netherlands because health and medical benefits were outlawed. In France children are not allowed to endorse products. In Germany a key line was disallowed because of competitive claims. Another example would be American express offering bonus points every time the card was used. And the points could be used towards air ravels and hotel accommodations.

Germany competition law was broken as it is suppose to prevent the offer of free gifts In connection with the sales of goods. Dealing with country differences Experimenting with capturing benefits of global standardization while recognizing differences in countries cultural and legal environments. Some features to include in all of its advertising, which can result in saving on costs while building international brand recognition. Monika in the sass's launched a global advertising campaign " 1001 reasons to have a Monika imaging phone.
Did this to reduce costs and capture economies of scale. Value in trying to establish a global brand image. Used actors from regions where the advertising covered. And used local settings as well. Doves global real beauty campaign 1) Milliner, who marketed dove a storied consumer multinational with global reach, a strong positioned In fast growing developing nations, and a reputation for customizing products to condition prevailing In local markets. ( ex. Indian women OLL hair before washing , so western shampoos that TLD remove the OLL didn't sell well.
However, milliner reformulated shampoos for India. Company exaggerated because it has shifted towards a global emphasis. Dove. Brand should stand for the real beauty of all women. Mission was to make women feel more beautiful everyday by widening the stereotypical definition of beauty and inspiring them to take care of themselves. 3) Following workshops held around the globe that brand managers and agencies communicate beauty. Asked 67 photographers to submit portraits of women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Dove photo tour. ) German office of Milliner advertising agency, Googol and Matter worldwide, came up with a concept for communicating real beauty based on photographs showing ordinary women in their underwear. Advertisement made its way to the I-J where they perceived it as politics and not advertising. 5) 2% of women worldwide considered themselves as beautiful and the half thought their weight was too high 6) 2004 campaign was launched globally. Radical shift form Milliner . Tweaked to take local sensibilities. 7) Milliner extended the dove product line to include skin creams, shampoos, and shower gels.
Made a video on youth 8) Dove created "Evolution, depicting the transformation of a real woman into a model and promoting awareness of how unrealistic perceptions of beauty are created. " 9) "he Dove global study, Beauty Comes of Age, revealed that 91% of women ages 50-64 believe it is time for society to change its views about women and aging. The campaign celebrated the essence of women 50+ ?wrinkles, age spots, grey hair and all. It was brought to life through a communications campaign created with internationally renowned photographer Annie Leibniz. 0) "The [email protected] Movement for Self-Esteem provides women everywhere with opportunities to mentor the next generation and celebrate real beauty. "11)"[email protected] has created self-esteem- building, educational programs and activities that encourage, inspire and motivate girls around the world. Dove has reached over 7 million girls so far with these programs, and set a global goal of reaching 15 million girls by 2015. " -supply chains looks like -How Is it going to come in? -How you will market? Brand is the logo, 100, and connotations "Bat" night, up late.

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