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Published: 2021-09-27 12:40:04
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Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are? I have been playing keyboard for about five years, which I really enjoy, I got my keyboard lessons from Melody International School of Music. My music school has recitals each year for it's students show what they have learned over the year.
After attending the music school for about two years, my Instructor told me that I was dead for my first recital, which I was really exited for, since I started attending the music school I have always wanted to perform on a stage and have an audience to Impress. But I didn't know the preparation for the recital and the recital Itself would teach me a great life long lesson that I would need In life. It was December when my Instructor told me we were going to have our recital In about three months.
He also told me that it was going to be a "bit" hard for me because I had to perform with al the students, at first I thought to myself he was just joking until he handed me a pile of paper, which were the notes of the songs the students choose to perform at the recital. At last he added I had three months to practice all one hundred and thirteen songs and to master them better than the performer, at that moment I felt so much pressure on myself, and so stressed out like the recital was tomorrow and I wasn't ready.

I did what every person would do, panic because this was my first recital, and I had to perform on stage for two hours. But I had no choice I got to work, I practiced everyday for more than two hours each day and in addition to that I had to go to music studios every Sunday to practice with all of the students. There where days that I Just gave up on myself and I felt like I sucked but I still kept practicing, with in a month I saw progress, I could play the notes very well but still need to work on it but most importantly I didn't feel so bad about myself and there was less pressure on me.
The three months passed so quick I felt I was sleep the whole time but I had been racketing and I had mastered all of the songs and I was ready to impress my audience. The recital was on March second, all of the students had to dress nice and professional, I wore a white shirt with black pants and black shoes. As my dad was driving me to the auditorium I felt so calm and relaxed because I knew that I was ready and I believe in myself and so did my Instructor.
The guests started arriving slowly and by like thirty minutes the auditorium was full of people and the host stepped on to the stage and welcomed the guest and Introduced the Instructors and old to the audience that he wanted to Introduce a special person and at that moment I heard footsteps that were coming toward me and turned back and saw It was my Instructor witch came and grabbed me on my arm and told me to stand up and all of a sudden I heard my name over the speakers and he pulled me on to the stage and Introduced me to the audience and gave me a trophy, as the most valued musician at Melody International School of Music.
I felt it was a dream, I could believe for her sit. The recital started and I was in a very good mood I performed very well ring the first session of the recital and the one half was remaining but I wasn't worried about it. After the second half ended they handed each student a trophy and the host finished the program.
When everything was finished I felt so blessed that everything went so smooth, and felt the pressure was off me when I got it the day my instructor told me about everything about the recital. Everyone was so proud of me, my parents, my instructor, my family member, even some of the audience member congratulated me, and my family and that's was where I know I made my audience impressed.

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