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Published: 2021-09-27 12:30:03
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In this quarter, being a peer mentor has a great impact to me, especially with the fact that the minute that I got is all international student from another country, like China, Korea, and Vietnam. At first I think mentoring people in the age range between 16 until 17 will be a really hard and tough Job, because people at that age tends to think that they know everything and usually refuse to receive a commentary or advisory from another people.
They tend to do whatever they want without thinking about the consequences and sometimes very hard to approach because they think hey know everything best for them and keep everything themselves. In fact all my minute are easily approachable and very fun to have chat with. At the first meeting most of them are a little bit shy to ask or to talk about their personal problem, but as time goes on they become really talkative and tell me everything that they think I would like to know, for example their grades, their living situation, etc.
They share everything without I have to ask or insist them to tell me about something, which I think is very good and far beyond my expectation. As a peer mentor, I learn a lot about my minute culture and their characteristic. Furthermore, I learn how to be responsible for them and try to be a good role model for them, by being active in class and do all the homework far before its due.

In conclusion, being a peer mentor this quarter Is really fun for me and have a lot of positive effects towards me, I know more people, learn how to communicate with people which Is not from my home country, learn how to approach people, and learn how to manage my time, which I think Is very Important for me, especially to be a person which is not only excel In grade but also have a good relationship and willing to serve and help other people.

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