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Published: 2021-09-27 12:25:04
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I interviewed a woman who has given birth within the past year so that I can relate the things I am learning In the classroom back to real life scenarios. Throughout the Interview I hope to obtain enough knowledge to be able to understand the blurting process a lot better. I hope that I will be able to know more about how real life situations when it comes to having a new baby in the house. I also hope to be able to understand what it is like for a mother to see their newborn baby for the first time. Else is a 23 year old female.
She is Mexican and was born at Fremont hospital in Yuba City, CA. Her family is made up of her boyfriend, herself, and her 4 children. Her boyfriend is also Mexican and they speak mostly English inside of their home, but they also Include some Spanish. She doesn't work at the moment, she currently Is enrolled In 5 classes at Yuba College and Is a full time mother to her 4 little ones. I interviewed Else outside of the cafeteria at Yuba College, It wasn't exactly In privacy but she said It was perfectly fine. The total Interview took about an hour.
Else was very nice and considerate, since she Is an ACE major also, she decided In the middle f the interview that she wants to take ACE 3 and learn about that the basics of every child. There was no problems with the procedure. RESULTS Else had a difficult delivery. She had a planned cesarean delivery, but she had a lot of tissue scaring which made it harder for the doctors to stitch the incision that was made. According to Papilla, a cesarean delivery is when doctors surgically remove a baby from the uterus through an incision In the mother's abdomen (120).

She ended up having to stay 4 days In the hospital because of the complications with the Incision. When Else first saw her daughter she was Instantly In love with the little Dutton nose and soft skin. Her newborn baby was seven and a half pounds, which according to Papilla that is the average for newborn babies in the united States (122). She gave birth to her at the same hospital she was born at, which is Fremont hospital in Yuba City. The only thing that she didn't really like about her stay there was that the R. N. Name in at 4:30 in the morning to weigh the baby, she thinks that 8 am would be a more appropriate time. Else said that right after giving birth she was able to see her baby for about 10 seconds and then wasn't able to see her again for 5 ours due to the complications that happened with the incision. She said that she had a big room and had It all to herself, which was extremely nice because her boyfriend stayed with her the entire time she was in there. She said that he held her hand and kept her happy throughout the entire cesarean delivery.
The day after delivery she was able to hold her newborn, but she was extremely sad because she was told that she Isn't allowed to have any more children because of the scaring. Papilla vaginal birth after cesarean should only be attempted with caution (121). So, understandable as to why she isn't allowed to have any more children. It surprised her, but she was fine with it because she was fine and her newborn was healthy. The baby was quiet as a newborn. Instead of crying when she's hungry, she would move her head a lot.
Right after child birth, she wasn't able to move because her incision was constantly opening up, so her boyfriend did most of the work including changing diapers and bathing the baby. Papilla has stated that the father's role has been increased since sass's and that the father's involvement with the child is related to the child's well-being and physical, cognitive, and social development (139). She breastfed for 2 months, but then the baby decided that she didn't want it anymore, so she had to switch to the bottle.
She wanted to make sure that her newborn received the nutrients through her breast milk, so she was sad when she had to switch to the bottle. Papilla recommends breastfeeding to reduce the risk of obesity (147). Obesity runs in her family. It actually makes it easier because now she doesn't have to worry about pumping milk before she goes to school. Overall, she is much more tired than she was before the baby was born, but she says that the babies mile makes her happier than ever before.
The child changed Else's life because she now has 4 little ones that she has to care for, but she said it gives her something to look forward to everyday. She doesn't work anymore, because she decided to start school. She says that nothing has changed dramatically, but she is trying to maintain the same schedule as before. The baby is in a daycare, but the daycare is ran by the baby's grandmother.
Throughout the interview, I learned that there is many complications that can come with a cesarean delivery. I didn't know that if you had to much scar tissue that it would be complicated to stitch back up. I also learned that babies freely choose if they want to be breastfed or bottle fed, I had never thought about the possibility of a child deciding that. It was interesting to see how everything related back to the book, especially since I don't have any children of my own. Marmoreal, Papilla, Feldman. (2014). A Child's World: Infancy Through Adolescence. Thirteenth Edition. New York: McGraw Hill.

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