Opening of a Coffee Shop Case Study

Published: 2021-09-30 17:45:05
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Task 1
The idea of my business is the opening of a Coffee shop. The organization of the Coffee shop is a profitable and promising business. Coffee shop – is a place for meeting friends, for diverse conversations and romantic dates, so more and more people are willing to pay for this service. I believe that any idea has the right to life and will be successfully embodied in the form of this or that business, if is correctly to invest your soul and money. Moreover, you need to reflect your desire to work in a well-designed business plan.
First, you need to define the market segment. My Coffee shop will be for middle-class people, so it will be designed for a wide audience. These institutions should must be in a crowded place, with excellent location – not far from office buildings and business areas. The street should be a quiet, because it is placed to rest visitors, the noise of cars and the bustle of tourists is will likely be a minus than a plus. My coffee shop will be located on Canary Wharf.

The area of the coffee shop should be in accordance with the requirements of local legislation, so it will be designed 20 seats in an area of 120m2. The interior will be in French style – Provence. The French coffee shop this is the refinement of the forms, the playful simplicity and the airy lightness of the décor. Light, pastel shades will be used.
This technique has a relaxing effect, which means that visitors will feel comfortable and calm, this will be quite relevant in working days. The windows will be quite high, decorated with light curtains that let the sunlight through, that will create a feeling of space, freedom and air in the room.
The floor will be simple, wooden and painted in a bright colour. The choice of textiles: lace and floral range. Use of aged furniture and accessories will be very successful. There will be live flowers on each table, it can be lavender. Vintage lamps, antique forging, watches, coffee grinders will be here too relevant.
After the interior, people usually pay attention to what kind of music sounds in the institution and whether it fits into the overall concept. Music can affect a person’s mood, both in a positive way, and incline to melancholy. Therefore, for the playlist is very important to choose those genres that will make the right impression on the guest. Consequently, French music will always play here, which will provide a certain charm of the coffee shop.
The name of the institution and its design should be correlated with each other. "Mon Ami"- that’s the name of my coffee shop, which in translation from French means – "My friend". The logo will be the Elven Tower in combination with lavender.
Here you will always be able to enjoy fresh pastries, especially the famous French croissants. Particular attention will be paid to the wonderful taste of coffee, which can be tried in various assortments, such as: Caffe Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Expresso, Flat White, Long Black, Macchiato, Mochaccino, Irish Coffee, Vienna and Affogato. Also, here you can try incredible types of tea, which will give you an incomparable taste of fresh leaves.
Coffee Shop Schedule: Monday – Friday from 07:00 to 19:00. Saturday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. Visitors to The Mon Ami will be able to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and comfort, while notes of the French Provence will give you harmony and peace. Therefore, after visiting our coffee shop, you will want to come back here again and again.
Assessment: Case Study (AS3)
Task 2
Before embarking on the implementation of my business idea, I need to study all the competitors doing the same business. To do this, I need to conduct marketing research, such as: primary research and secondary research. If these methods used properly, I will be able to can climb much higher than my competitors.
I will start with the primary research, namely, from observation which the help of which I will be able to understand the specific details of this business. By visiting various coffee shops in the business centre area Canary Wharf, I will be watching the reactions of potential customers for certain products. In this way, I can determine the quality of my competitors' product and if necessary, improve my own.
In addition to primary research, I will additionally use secondary research. Since the most reliable secondary research of information is the Published Data, I will pay attention to them. These may be newspapers, magazines, websites and social networks. It is here that I will be able to see reviews, evaluations and wishes of potential visitors of various institutions.
For great achievements in business you need to understand your possible customers, product, services and the market. In this case, I will apply Collecting Data: quantitative and qualitative. A quantitative research will help me understand the needs of people on the market, create strategies and marketing plans. I will pay attention to how many coffee shops are in this territory and how many people are visiting these coffee shops.
The results of these data will show statistically significant difference. Qualitative research methods can help identify problems and benefits of business. The purpose of this research is to explain why customers behave in a certain way and how they react to products. I will monitor the quality of products in my rival's. I will visit all the coffee shops that are in a certain area and will try their products, types of coffee. Also, I will look at the reaction of the visitors, when they will drink coffee.
Without a properly selected data, it's virtually impossible to create a good, profitable business. Therefore, I will intensify my work over this issue.
Task 3
Unfortunately, today the issue of ethical dilemma in a workplace is quite common. Sometimes making the right choice is very difficult process, wrong choice can bring a lot of damage to business and its development, so before making this or that choice, I explored all the pros and cons that may arise on both sides.
The motto of my business - the purpose justifies the means (legal). My business is created for the sake of enrichment of capital, not for moral purposes, its main purpose is profit. Profit requires high customer attendance. To accomplish this task, I need to create a professional advertisement, with which I can make my brand popular and significantly increase the audience of people.
A website that offered me cooperation at a favourable rate - can help me with this issue, because it is quite famous and has many users. Even though this website was accused of having a bad attitude towards its employees – discrimination etc., I accept its cooperation, because there is only one responsibility in business - to use his resources solely for the purpose of obtaining profits.
Also, in my opinion, the sense of responsibility is inherent only to people, and business is aimed at increasing the amount of money, thus meeting the needs of society. This website in the past violated the Equality Act 2010 - it includes nine characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, sexual orientation.
But since this website still works successfully and its popularity is growing, this indicates that this website currently is a legitimate organisation, and he may have already been punished for the crime and misunderstandings with his staff may be exhaustive at this time. In any case, my business does not bear any responsibility for other companies. According to this, previous accusation about this website will in no way affect the reputation of my business.
Task 4
My next step is to search for two employees. As during this time my business will reach a certain stage of development, I will need people who will work in service sector. Given the fact that my business has just opened, I will take the workers at the zero-hours contract, because it is still unknown how this business will work and how many people need to take at work.
Zero hours contract is a temporary agreement between a business and a specific person, in which a person works for business, and the business itself does not guarantee permanent hours, the exact schedule of work or work in general. This contract will be useful for students or for young mothers who need some flexibility.
Anyone who will works on a zero hours contract will have the same rights as other employees and will be considered only within the framework of the law. So, my employees will have the right to employment rights, namely, the minimum wage, annual paid vocation, rest which will be necessary and the protection against discrimination.
The issue of discrimination in the workplace is provided for by the Equality Act, where employees should be considered regardless of their background, etc. For the greater success of my business, also should to properly pick up the staff who will not only work effectively but also meet the standards of the law. Consequently, when choosing employees, I will comply with the law on Equality and Diversity, as it is of great importance for business ethics and effective human management.
Following this law, I will pay special attention to people who have experience in one or another sphere who are hard-working, punctual, educated, purposefulness, with intellectual abilities, the manner of conversation, professional suitability, responsible and non-conflicting. At the same time, their age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and everything else will not have meaning for me.
Classification of people by faith or colour of the skin not only contradicts the law of Equality and Diversity, but also human and labour ethics. Therefore, for me, all potential employees will be equal.
Task 5
The financial part of the business plan is the most important, since the availability of funds and the correct contribution will have a great impact on business development: quality of products, equipment and on a coffee shop in general. My budget is 20,000 pounds.
The main costs are rental of premises (8,000 pounds, without a deposit), advertising (500) and preparation of all necessary documents for the opening of the coffee shop (800).
Also, the monthly expenses include, utilities (600), household expenses: detergents, napkins, etc. (200), purchase of products (4,000) this amount includes coffee, tea, milk, various spices for coffee and various pastries (fresh pastries will be delivered every day), internet (170). This includes also salaries for employees and various deductions in social funds. The salary for two employees will be about 3,000 pounds, since there is no constant hours and it will depend on the number customers.
The coffee machine is the main attribute of the coffee shop. Since the price of such a coffee machine is high enough, I will rent a coffee machine – 5 pounds a day is about 150 pounds a month. The next cost is the purchase of equipment - all the furniture I will order in IKEA, because it’s a budget option.
The total cost of tables and chairs for visitors is 1200. Details of the décor – 400 pounds, shelf and bar counter – 450 pounds (OLX), commercial refrigerator – 420 pounds (-66%). Total expenses at the opening of the coffee shop is 19,890. So, in the cash register will remain just 110 pounds. Therefore, for the further development of my business, I will look for investors, since these funds will not always be enough.
The forecast of returning my investment in this business I roughly from 12 to 15 months, net profit (monthly) from 6,000 to 9,000.
In order to avoid problems with cash flows, I will control my expenses, namely I will conduct an analysis of incoming and outcoming flows and I will be looking for an answer: why are the revenues low or which costs are the highest!? All this usually influenced by external and internal reason.

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