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Published: 2021-09-27 12:00:03
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A very touching, affecting, and inspiring story that we watch, about a one-eyed mother with her daughter that has disrespect, unloved, and disgrace with her. Her daughter feels that her mother is an embarrassment for her which totally shows how that person despised her mother. For a daughter with one-eyed mother, she felts embarrassment, ashamed, and disappointment. She sees the negative side, actually the negative physical aspect of her mother through the years that her mother taken are for her.
Just because her mother has a one eye that she didn't even bother questioning on why her mother Just only have a one eye. And that is because of her, her mother donated her one eye for her because her daughter born with Just have a one eye only. And she wants that her daughter didn't experience the feeling of loneliness that her give to her mother. I bother on why and how that daughter treats her parent, mother in that way.
Instead of showing disrespect for her mother that is fervently able, she Just take good care, show support and most especially she must show love and affection. And she does that to her mother through her whole life until she became a mother too. She didn't even bother to give back to her mother for taking care of her, for loving her, and for giving a good education and good life for her. How cruel Is that? For me, I didn't see myself doing that to my parents or even to my loved ones. I am a very lovable and caring person to the persons that I loved.

I ant see that my mother feels that way and I can't do that to her because, I loved her so much. No words can express how I love my mom also my dad so; I can't do such thing like hers. Being a daughter you must show the love and affection to your parents because they always sacrifice the thing that they can give to their daughter and son. I felt so much sadness. I learned that you should love your parents or your loved ones unconditionally because It gives the happiness that you need and happiness that they also need.

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