Once more to the lake by E.B White

Published: 2021-10-01 20:45:06
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There are a few remembrances in our life like that at a lake in Maine that attract us and refresh our memory even though that happened a long time ago. "Once More to the Lake" written by Elwyn Brooks White is a wonderful recollection of summer times spent with his family, and especially with his father at the lake in Maine.
Also I have some remembrances from my past that are very similar to these described by White and still fresh in my memory. Especially one when I decided to go to Poland to visit my family. That time I was so excited and so happy that I started to make baggage far before the date of the fly. The journey was long but for me it seemed like a school break that passes always very fast. Suddenly the time was slow as a turtle that hearing many voices and seeing different faces I could notice the diversity.
It was Poland, the country that is so close to my heart, and will be there forever. It was already after midnight when I got home and everybody was sleeping. That night was so quite that I could hear every breath of wind and especially the bits of my heart that were louder and louder. I knocked a window and suddenly I heard my mom's voice and then saw the light in the bedroom. I even didn't take up the baggage when they both, my mother and my father appeared next to me.

My mother hugged me and kissed my cheek like every time when I was at home. I can recall that for that moment, I felt like a small kid that was mother's arms and was so happy. The remembrances of my childhood were so fresh like these of White at the lake, where everything seemed to be the same, especially the lake that was still cool and motionless.
Also my house was the same, even though it was long time that I hadn't been there. Every picture on the wall became very important to me and I could see and understand more that before. And my room, where everything was waiting for me like I would had never left. That time I also realized how great is my mother when she gave me a cup of fresh milk and a piece of cake that she used to make every Sunday. It reminded me every evening when I was waiting for milk that my parents brought from the village.
Because we talked too loud so also my brothers woke up and they made me so happy coming downstairs to hug me. My family didn't change, they were like always very good and lovely. I felt so good and I didn't want to sleep because there were too many moments lost from my life that I wonted to get them back.
I told them about my life and listened to them and I don't remember what time was when I fold asleep. "Once more to the Lake" and the visit of my home are remembrances that will be forever in our hearts even though we get older. These moments will be always fresh and important to us because they tell us something what we don't want to loose.

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