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Published: 2021-09-27 10:50:02
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Mr.. Pad had been the management services director of the fruit puree division of his corporation. W/ professional experience gained from various industries, his technical expertise was undoubtedly quite valuable to the corporation. He, however, has personal attitudes w/c created a wall of hostility between him & his staff and the rest of the senior managers of his dolls. For one thing, Mr.. Pad did not see any point in laughing at a joke w/c he did not consider funny. Fortunately, his standard to "funny" was in the line of erudite humor, w/c even the other directors found too deep for reflection. Neither did he believe in attempting to gain the drift of others if only to gain rapport w/ them. He insisted in being his own person regardless of what others believe. It was, also, rare for him to concede to anything. This attitude was compounded by his difficulty in expressing his thoughts especially when it came to Justifying himself.
This caused misunderstandings between him and others w/c further aggravated his win negative perception of others as well as their negative perception of him. He could not give allowances for differences In his attitude w/ those of others. Ad those who differed from him, In one sense, were treated w/ a degree of coldness. He was aware of his social deficiencies, but, according to him he simply could not be what he was not. He often mentioned that it was already very hard for him to change his ways. Outside the work place, though, Mr..
Pad tried hard to be friendly w/ his staff. And, while he showed concern for their professional training, he himself could not seem to be at ease in relating to them in the workplace. It was as if he was afraid that friendship would curtail his authority. At this time, a new problem solving system was being Inculcated throughout the corporation. To show his concern for his staff, he made them the first trainees on the system. The system was designed to enable a group to Identify a problem and recommend a solution throughout the various stages of the system.

The group was placed under he guidance of training assistants from the personnel directorate ensuring the objectivity of results. The exercise w/ his staff identified three difficulties in their workplace, one of which concerned Mr.. Pad. The recommended solution was to replace him. Needless to say, this put top management in a dilemma. Mr.. Pad was an officer of the company, and to continue to attract talent to officers, his tenure had to be protected. Besides, the problem focused on Mr.. Pad's personality. How exactly does one correct that?
He had already attended Dale Carnage's course. On the other hand, faith In the system they were endorsing was being put to the test. If they could not support Its results now, how could they expect anyone to believe Its merits? Study Guides: 1. Describe the personality of Mr.. Pad. How Is this reflected In his communication style? 2. How was this style affected his relationship w/ his associates and Defend your stand. 4. What implication does the case have on management policies and practices on hiring and developing workers and staff?

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