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Published: 2021-09-27 10:30:04
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Tattoos today are becoming very popular within the younger generation. Despite this creative trend of self expression, society still places judgment upon inked individuals. What ever happened to, don't Judge a book by its cover? Unfortunately, people fail to the person who really Lies behind the Ink. Having tattoo's can lead to a lot of misjudgment. Especially In the workplace.
An employer might misjudge a potential employee with tattoos for a criminal, without a second thought. Even though it may be true that most prisoners have tattoos, it's not right to put everyone with a tattoo in that category. Even a prisoner with a tattoo could be falsely accused. Also, an employer might consider tattoos as a sign of less Intelligence. Since when does art become a sign of a weak mind? Being creative helps open closed minds. What's on a person's skin should not determine there abilities to work.
Eventually, with the growing trend of tattoos, employers are going to have to reconsider there tattoo policies. One day this younger generation will be doing the hiring, it will become rare to not have tattoos. Regardless, there Is still a human being behind the Ink. Toffees make a statement groups, religion, and even memories. Tattoos are transforming into an art form rather than a lowly form according to some perspectives. As humans we have the gift of free will, who has the right to tell us what we can and cannot put on our bodies?

Whether we use the gift of free will for good or bad we should not be Judged, since we all have a story to tell whether we express it through a tattoo or on a piece of paper. Tattoo's are a creative way of expressing inner feelings to the world, and can help with self esteem issues ND give someone a boost of confidence. To look down upon someone with tattoo's without knowing the full story behind the ink is like throwing away a flower. It takes a brave individual to express themselves to the world with a permanent line of ink.
To be careless about what others may think of there bodied art is rather spontaneous. Judging a person with a tattoo is similar to Judging a child for coloring outside the lines. Coloring outside the lines can give someone the sense of freedom and self. What is even more misjudged is the creator behind the ink. Tattoo artist can be misjudged as well. The effort, thought, and talent that goes into the creating process of the tattoo can be challenging and time consuming.
The creative process needs necessary machinery, a body with an idea, an experienced hobby rather than a real profession. Some would fail to realize tattoo artist have earned art degrees, while spending years building a portfolio of beautiful masterpieces of Art is everywhere, without it life would be a blank boring canvas. Some people may themselves as a canvas to splash color on. A tattoo is a way of expressing a feeling or image. Everyone has feelings, there is no need to place Judgment on someone who is tot afraid to express there inner being.
A piece of art is a unique form of identity, we all want to be noticed, and have different ways of showing it. Its not right to Judge another as one is perfect. Color your own walls and leave no room for Judgment. There is more than what meets the eye, not everything that is seen is as bad as it seems. A open mind can set a soul free. It's not good to let the world define an individual based on there appearance. Don't let the world define beauty. True beauty and strength comes from within the soul, and Ink is only skin deep. Tattoos bleed out character.

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