Mexican American Borderlands and The Caribbean

Published: 2021-09-27 10:15:03
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The negative side effects of tattoos Tattoos are permanent pictures or designs on the skin, pricked and stained with indelible dyes. They contain mainly industrial organic pigments with high microbiological impurities load. Tattoos are body arts. In our society today, tattoos have Increase In popularity among all ages but most prevalent among the adolescent and young adults.
Reports have shown that the Increase in the adolescent involvement in tattooing is fuelled by peer pressure and their quests to belong to certain groups or to be accepted. (A. E Almsman Pl). This makes them not to consider the hazards that are associated with it. In this essay, I will be investigating the negative side effects that are associated with tattoos such as how society view people involved, common health risk and Flanagan hardships. According to Anne E.
Almsman of Fingers School of Medicine and North Western University, tattooing has been associated with high-risk behaviors such as sexual intercourse, binge ringing, smoking, marijuana use, fighting, gang membership, and truancy and school failure. (A. E Almsman P 2). Many health professionals also, associate body arts with criminal activity or psychiatric disturbances. Tattoos are viewed in our society today as unprofessional and offensive. It can reduce an employment opportunities. For example, you cannot be a recruit of the military If you have offensive tattoo on your neck, above. r on any obvious part of your body that suggest gang membership. Furthermore, excessive tattoos may be a form of self-harm. There is usually ins during the procedures and while the tattoo and is healing. Tattoos from most commercial tattoo parlors are associated with infections, including potentially deadly infections like stash, tetanus, hepatitis B or C, and HIVE. Other side effects include; acute Inflammatory reactions caused by physical tissue injury and Injection of pigment dyes, excessive and unsightly scarring, nerve damage, allergic reactions and sometimes uncontrolled bleeding. MEMBER reports) Furthermore, tattoos can cause misdiagnoses or interference with medical procedures like Mrs. (Robert Prepaid 2). Also because of the risk of infection, one will not be able to donate blood for at least a year after having tattoos for the risk of infections. It cost a lot of money to do tattoos and take care of it during the healing process. From a survey I conducted, an average tattoo studio cost about a $100. 00 per hour. Think about spending more than three hours. In addition, removing tattoos can be expensive and painful, and usually does not leave the area looking completely healed.

In conclusion, getting tattoos poses a read health risk that can lead to infections or even attracting HIVE and those involved are mostly associated with negative criminal activities and high-risk behavior. . Anne E. Almsman Epidemiology of tattoos and piercing . Legislation in the United States Robert Prepaid; Publication on Medicine plus Health Day, American Academy of Dermatology, "Tattoos, Body Piercing, and Other Skin Adornments" www. Monoclinic. Com, Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MEMBER) "Tattoos: Understand risks and precautions" http://www. Tenement. Com/ teen-issues/piercing-and-tattoos. HTML

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