Levels of Self-Confidence & Academic Performance of HUMSS Students

Published: 2021-10-02 00:25:06
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Self confidence is important to our daily life especially when we are encountering some circumstances and passing obstacles in our life.It is our power or ability to do things without having a doubt to ourselves like doing things where you excel and trying things in field that you’re unfamiliar. According to Verma and Krishana (2016, pp. 182). Confidence is a feeling that makes one think that he or she is capable of doing something with ease and calmness. It makes an individual optimistic and pleased with himself/herself. Self-confidence is central to good psychological adjustment, personal happiness and effective functioning in children and adults. Children with high self-confidence can easily communicate with others, dared to express their opinion, and not easily influenced by others.
Confidence is the ability to take appropriate and effective action in any situation, however challenging it appears to you or others (Burton & Platts, 2006 as cited in Verma & Krishana, 2016).People who have self confidence are the one who can wisely deal with problems especially when they need to decide over something or how will they behave when things aren’t falling into its places. One of this factors also include the self-confidence of a child, which is an essential for an individual’s success. There are different possible ways for an individual especially students to gain confidence.
Parents may use sweet words and praise their children to feel more confident, but in reality, a lot of people feel that they are not confident enough.Some parents are pressuring their children to reach their standards.Parents know’s best but doing things that might hurt their childrens are not bringing them to a right path.Student’s academic are one of the factors that parents monitoring,they’re expecting high grades from their children that brings pressure to students because no one’s daughter/son wants to see their parents disappointed.But if the students effort wasn’t enough to reach the parent’s standard they started to get hurtful words coming from them who supposed to cheer them up which makes them develop a low self esteem because when parents keep on criticizing their children,children don’t stop loving them but they stop loving which affects their self confidence.

Having a low self confidence that they could acquire in their house could be possible to be carried in their school.This is where the people with low self confidence affects their academic performance especially when performing a school task that requires them to speak in front of many people or them being hesistant to participate in class discussion.When teacher ask the class to give the answer to his/her question the person who has a low self confidence who knows the answer tends to keep their answer to themselves because they’re afraid that they might be embarrassed in front of many people so they tend to give the answer to their classmate who is more confident enough to speak in front of the whole class without a doubt that he might give a wrong answer.
This is one of the factors that affects the Academic Achievement of the students who has low self confidence. Academic Achievement plays a significant role in the life of each and everyone, especially the students.
Education is valued by the people as it serves a treasure that no one can steal from an individual. Academic achievement comes from different learning outcomes such as knowledge, understanding, attitude, intelligence, skill and application. Fine or excellent academic achievement of students help them to have a better characteristic for themselves and towards parents, peer groups, teachers, neighbors and society in general. This also help to enhance their morale and grow feelings that they are useful in the family, school and society.
There are factors that may affect a child’s achievement, but the main factors are namely child’s interest, motivation, conceptual learning, understanding in class, adjustment, school environment, home environment and reading interest (Verma & Krishana, 2016).
The purpose of this research study is to know whether the confidence of the HUMSS students affect their academic performance depending on the level of their self-confidence. Also, this study aims to contribute on the society, especially to the students who are confident and not confident enough with what they do including their academic performance. An additional to this, the research studies that have been conducted focused on college students, workers that are on seminar and others, but only few of this focused on high school students, specifically the senior high school HUMSS students.

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