Leading a Muslim to Christianity

Published: 2021-09-30 19:30:04
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Before leading a Muslim to Christianity, one should have obvious grounds on why you want to convert the particular individual to Christianity? Do you need to show to others something and are you feeling compelled to do it? Has God put this aspiration in your heart or do you just actually love the individual and care for the person and you want him/her to come with you to bliss? Have an apparent perception of Christianity and ask yourself that am I a devoted Christian and do I put God first in my life?
Am I a good example of how a Christian should be and make sure to have a close connection with God? Attend a church every Sunday, pray and read your Bible. Prayer is the significant aspect here, if you need to convert your Muslim mate to Christianity, you have to speak to God first, tell God how you feel, actually open your heart to him so that he can see how dedicated you are and so that he can assist you conquer this conquest.
Comprehend Islamic religion as well, this information may be useful especially when it comes to debates, for example whenever a query comes up, you can always speak something like "well for you, God does not actually say He will pardon you until verdict day and he never actually promises his affection towards you, but for us we know that God pardons us for our offenses and he promises his elegance, love and care".

Ask him/her to come to church, if your friend doesn’t want to then introduce that individual to some of your Christian mates so that he/she can feel the care and affection that we share towards one another. Be kind to others, setting a good example is also a major thing; be kind not only to him/her but to all. All the time have a smile on your face and be contended, as God always wants our light to excel and our actions can bring up a great blow to others.
Be his/her closest friend, be there as much as you can and if you find him/her in a bad situation, do not just wait and say you are sorry but rather help them. Don't lose hope, it may be the scenario that your mate may not ever be willing to be a Christian, but if you just always keep this in mind that God is at your face, and that everything is worth likely, don't ever forego your dream and keep pressing ahead. Millions of Muslims Converting to Christianity Thousands of Muslim turns to Christianity celebrated Christmas all over the world, according to the surveys of the many missionary organizations and media.
The Salem Voice Ministries evangelizing Muslims in India and many of the other Muslim countries, there are approximately 500 evangelists ministering amongst Muslims in many African, Asian and Middle East countries. A large number of Muslims finding the facts and attaining Salvation of Jesus Christ every day and more Muslims turned to faith in Jesus Christ over the past ten years than at any other time in history. A holy revolution is underway all through North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East; as a result many of the ex-Muslims are celebrating Christmas, despite severe assaults, killings, and church bombings.
More than 10,000 Muslims acknowledged Jesus Christ as their savior all through India, the Bible Society of India publishing hundreds of New Testaments for Muslims with their own explanation and jargon in different Indian languages. Director of the Salem Voice Ministries, Pastor Paul Ciniraj Mohamed is one of the chief persons of the Bible translators of the Bible Society of India to lead the Gospel to the Muslims. He is in the centre of harassment, currently he was endangered by the extremists.
In Iraq not less than 5,000 Muslim converts to Christianity have been recognized since the end of chief war operations, with 14 latest churches opened in Baghdad, and many of new churches opened in Kurdistan. Not less than a million Bibles shipped into the nation since 2003. Many of Muslims converted to Christ in Morocco, Somalia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Maldives. About a million believed in Jesus over the past ten years in Egypt, the Egyptian Bible Society used to vend about 3,000 prints of the JESUS film per year in the early 1990s.
As per the statistics taken from the Millennium movement in 2000, they vended 600,000 prints plus 750,000 copies of the cassette tapes (translated in Arabic) and around a half million prints of the Arabic Testament. The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt, Ramez Atallah updated Pastor Paul Ciniraj, "Egyptians are very hungry for God's Word," he said 'previous Christmas, I had the opportunity of visiting the biggest Christian congregation in the Middle East, which meets in an huge cave on the outskirts of Egypt, statistics show that some 10,000 Christians worship there each weekend.
In 2001 there were only 17 Christians from Islam in Afghanistan, but now there are more than 10,000 believers. There were only three known Christians in Kazakhstan and no Christians in Uzbekistan until 2001, but now there are not less than 15,000 in Kazakhstan and 30,000 in Uzbekistan. In Sudan, more than a million have turned to Christian since 2000, and about 5 million have turned Christians since the early 1990s, in spite of the radical Islamic command and a continuing genocide that has murdered more than 200,000.
Sermons are being held in caves to instruct pastors to shepherd the large numbers of individuals coming to JESUS. Why such a dramatic holy development? "People have viewed actual Islam and they need Jesus in its place," one Sudanese leader exclaimed. Sheikh Ahmad al Qataani, in December 2001, a foremost Saudi cleric emerged on a live interview on Al-Jazeera TV to state that, sure enough Muslims were converting to Jesus in mass numbers. "Each hour 667 Muslims turn to Christianity," Al Qataani notified.
"Each day 16,000 Muslims turn to Christianity, each year 6 million Muslims turn to Christianity. " One of the most staged facts are, that number of Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus Christ and thus going into churches explaining that they have by now turned to Christianity and now want a Bible and proper guidance. The Pastor of the Salem Voice Ministries Idris Salahudeen said, hundreds upon hundreds general Muslims believing Jesus and discreetly turning into Christianity by seeing cruel attitudes of fundamentalists towards Christ believers.
Perhaps this torturing is a refinement of nominal Christians to have more confidence and guts. British Muslim 'bullied' for converting to Christianity A British resident who turned to Christianity from Islam and then protested to police when locals endangered to light his house down was told by police to “stop being a crusader”, according to a report. Nissar Hussein from Bradford West Yorkshire was born and lifted in Britain turned from Islam to Christianity along with his spouse Qubra in 1996.
The report exclaims that he was subjected to many assaults and after being told that his place would be burnt if he did not apologize and got back to Islam, reported the threat to the cops. It says he was told by the cops that threats like this are rarely carried out and the cop told him to “stop acting like a crusader and move to another house”, after a few days the house next door was burnt. A British human rights organization, Christian Solidarity Worldwide whose head is the Ex-Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitkin, is pressing on the UN and the global community to take strict action against countries and groups that punish apostasy.
Not understanding the seriousness of religion in an Islamic context For the majority in the western world a choice to follow Jesus Christ is very grave indeed, but if the individual says yes it will have an only a restricted effect on the persons instant conditions. Not so with a Muslim, the Quran educates very strongly that any Muslim who adapts to a new religion, whether it is Christianity or some other faith system is culpable of apostasy and must be slaughtered.
This is accepted in all Islamic states but since those living in the west cannot slay a person for changing religions, though friends and family will exercise other very ruthless means to keep the individual a Muslim which may comprise kidnapping, captivity, beatings, and total elimination from the family. Even impending a person with the gospel puts the individual into a very complicated position, they dread what others will utter if they speak with a Christian and they also panic for their spirit since the Muslims have been trained from birth that to change into a Christian will drive them to the sixth stage of hell.
The Christian witnesses must comprehend how grave a material this is for the Muslim and their relatives, in witnessing to a Muslim you have to be conscious that the person you are working with, if they believe Christ they will most likely be victimized and could even be slaughtered. Many Americans just do not understand how stern a change in religion can be in a Muslim situation. Conclusion Christians must not be scared of witnessing to Muslims but somewhat should assertively search out Muslims to talk with and the most significant part of witness to Muslims is being led by the sacred Spirit.
He will demonstrate you how best to move towards the Muslim; I must add that the most effectual means of helping a Muslim find Jesus Christ is immobile love. One Islamic chief stated at a large meeting of Muslim priests recently "Do not permit your people to have very close contact with Christians for the cause that if you make, the Christians will adore your people into their beliefs," this is still correct at present.
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