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Published: 2021-09-27 08:25:04
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Imagine this, giving away absolutely all the money that you have in savings away to charity leaving everything behind... Absolutely everything, and then Just going away Into the wilderness to live off the land. That, to many people, may sound completely Insane, but to Chris Mishandles It was completely reasonable. Chris Mishandles, a twenty-four year old left to Alaska to live In the wilderness for a couple of months, but what he didn't know was that he wasn't going to be able to make it out alive.
John Krause the author of the book into the wild follows all of Chris Uncleanness's steps and his journey from the moment that he left home to his death. Christopher Mishandles had just graduated from Emory university when he decided to leave everything behind. He left his home, family, everything he owned, and only taking what he would be able to carry on his back. Chris had $24,000 in his savings and his father had planned for him to go to law school with that money, but instead Chris gave it all away to charity.
Chrism's plans were to go to on a Journey to Alaska and eve In the wild for a couple of months, however Chris TLD tell any of his family members about his plans, and didn't keep In touch with any of them during any part of his Journey. This left Chrism's parents extremely worried about what had happened to their son. Chris left absolutely everything he had and went out in look for nature and peace. He wanted to get away from society, all the rules, and everyone that he felt had control over him.

During his trip to Alaska Chris meets many different kinds of people that have and impact on his life as well as they do on him. Throughout this story Chris proves how he doesn't like authority, in fact, he hates it. Chris dislikes anyone who he feels has authority over him. One of the themes is freedom. Chris basically does everything he does to find the ultimate freedom. He wants to escape from all the rules. While talking to Jim, the guy that drove Chris to Alaska, Chris exclaims, "How I feed myself is none of the government's business.
Buck their stupid rules. " proving how much Chris hated authority and how he disliked the government, he felt as the government had authority over him. Another proof that Chris was looking to free himself from authority Is how Chris leaves his home because he felt as his father had authority over him. This leads to the conclusion that one of the themes for the book is ultimate freedom. Krause had never meet Chris in person he had never actually socialized with Chris, but realized that much of what motivated Chris is what motivated him as well.
The speaker and the subject both had a connection with nature. Krause had been introduced to a mountain by his father and that's when e began to be interested in nature. Mishandles and Krause had both climbed the Devils Thumb, but their goals were different. Squeaker's goal was to complete the journey of being able to write the biography of Mishandles. Krause had planned ahead to remain alive. The reason why Chris had gone to Devils Thumb was to feel free and get away from everything. Chris had not packed or planned ahead he In a way Just went and let faith decide for him.
Chris and Krause had the same views but their own ways of Interpreting them. Krause makes many assumptions throughout the book. Everything Chris does is an assumption that Krause made Alaska. The way Chris is and how he acts are assumptions we make because of the way that Krause describes Chris. The way Chris is described as the ways that he views life are assumptions made by Krause. No one will ever really know how and why Chris did what he did, but what Krause assumes assumes is pretty close. The reason for writing the novel is because people are easy to Judge.
The story of Mishandles got to people as soon as he died. People Judged Mishandles because they didn't see things from his perspective. They began to think that Mishandles was selfish for leaving his family and insane for going into the wilderness without being prepared. The story provided reasoning to what Mishandles had done, to prove to people that Mishandles wasn't completely insane. Krause wanted people to remember Chris as someone that had an impact on people because of what he did, and not as someone that was Just completely insane.

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