Improving Track Safety Design With Passive External Airbags Engineering Essay

Published: 2021-09-29 13:35:03
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Re design/ rating and recommendations for design and building alterations by bettering the path safety utilizing inactive external airbags.
The grass path bikes can be raced with progressively safe since there is a batch more room for development and betterments, both in the instance of bikes every bit good as barriers in the race paths.
Sing the current methods and developments applied around a modern grass path race, it is clear that monolithic and a batch more betterments can be made to avoid hurts to the riders, witnesss every bit good as fatal clangs of bikes. Along with this, the overflow countries of the current grass path rushing circuits are surrounded by wooden pole fencing with linking ropes as clang barriers which is non at all safe during the race.

Taking a closer expression at the present clang barrier constituents it is obvious that a rope n wooden barrier is the worst comparison to all other barriers as it provides no safety and protection to the riders and witnesss during the high velocity clang. Basically if any stiff and inelastic stuff barrier is installed and if it does non travel off to some extent during a clang, it is non advisable to put in it since the energy absorbing power is really low. And if such an inelastic barrier is installed it may ensue in terrible hurts to the rider and rider and entire devastation of bikes.
Other alternate barriers which used more normally are the light froth clang barriers with the wired thin metal mesh of considerable snap and resembles divider fencing and are installed environing the path giving infinite to run off country. Although these barriers are effectual against low impact hits, a current bike has excessively much velocity and torsion for those fencings to defy a hit and high impact. Finally, the most frequently used barrier fencings are wooden barriers which are impermanent and are less soaking up of impact energy.
Exploitation of inactive airbag system as a 3rd barrier.
In an impulse to better overall grass path safety and to happen a solution for above mentioned track safety jobs, a new development can be used as an alternate barriers for the path safety intents which can be used on the curves where there is a maximal chance of bikes traveling off the path or around the path as a safety barrier.
The new coevals airbag system consists of normal airbags which are of inactive and can be used exterior to the path. Each airbag merely a inactive bag, which are pre hyperbolic bag of air and are of peculiar lengths, so that any combination of bags can be used every bit long as the path length, and can be easy transported or shifted from one path to another as all the paths are impermanent, and can be used with add-on to the current wooden barrier or if installed decently can replace the wooden barrier wholly. Therefore doing easy to put in and take after the race when and where of all time required with different path forms.
The advantage of the barrier air bag is, it can non merely hyperbolic with normal but it can besides be inflated with any other alternate gases available and sometimes it is flexible more even to make full an equal normal liquid and a type of froth as good. Since the alternate types of rising prices increases the cost of installing and operation normal or dry air from the ambiance is much preferred as compared to any other surrogate.
The air bags should be really exactly designed so that it wholly absorbs the bike impulse when it strikes them at really high velocity on the rushing circuits. The alone characteristic of the barrier air bag is when the bike hits the barrier with a really high impact, the inactive external barrier airbag evacuates a certain measure of air which is perfectly equal to the strength of the bike impact on the air bag wall. The bag which is partly deflated during the impact can once more inflated by a suited pump which regains and maintains the force per unit area and volume of the bag back to normal as before the hit. And those bags can be used for full completion of the circuit every bit good as other many races and if badly non damaged it can be used for several old ages till the bag stuff loses its snap due to age or serious wreckage due to crisp and pointed parts of the bikes during the clang.
The normal air bag design constellation of the fence of path can be well compared to a drape of much large size, which is composed of many little inflatable shock absorber like which is attached one after the other like a concatenation of all around outside path. The barrier bags can be connected or fixed to each other one behind the other and every bit good to the gimmick fencing which is present behind them or even can be fixed on the land, and provided the air bag should hold adequate perpendicular rigidness so that it should non travel away skiding when the bike crashes the bag at really high impact. The air bags can be rapidly installed behind the 3rd gimmick fencing merely to supply safety to riders and every bit good as the witnesss.
Fabrication of the barrier air bags
The effectual airbags can be manufactured by run uping or can be thermoformed like plastics from derived functions of assorted tissues in such an interface that the barrier air bag is really extremely immune to high velocity bike hit impacts, parts invasions and resistant to fire in some instances and besides sing all the conditions conditions during the race is on.
All the stuffs selected to the airbag industry must be tested and validatingly verified, and a combination of man-made fibers may be besides a really good pick for industry. Materials such as C fibers or Kevlar which has high strength and relatively less weight, which are already widely used in motor athleticss until now, can besides be used for the fabrication of air bags.
Flexibility in air bag to accommodate different state of affairss in the race
Different force per unit areas can be applied to the airbags depending upon the applications, when blow uping the air bags. Air bag can be filled with more volume of air which in return has more possible energy absorbing capacity, but the job is when the air displaces from the bag when crashed by bike, and therefore the air issues will hold to be sized for assorted velocity impacts. The air issues of the bag should be made sensitive plenty such that when the bike impacts with different velocities several sum of air should be discharged from the bag and the issue force per unit area should be pre determined. Hence every bag must be equipped with sufficient sum of air mercantile establishments which are to be a hermetic waterproofing in the signifier of opening to blow up every bit good at the same clip which enables go forthing the air measure from the bag at the fleeting hits. These air issues are plus points and advantageous cardinal solutions to the airbags as these allow the bike striking the airbags to be absorbed as a whole alternatively of resiling back the riders and bike when they ram the bag.
Further customization of the airbags can be done to accommodate different applications. And airbags can besides be constructed for many uninterrupted metres in the signifier of wall, if the paths are to be made lasting, irrespective of length and breadth for effectual protection in a racing path boundary lines. Another betterment can besides be done in the air bags by adding one or more constituents in assembles bags like including pockets to catch the rider individually on the surface as the bike hits the front surface and Michigans, and rider every bit good as rider may wing in the air after crashing to the barrier, can be caught if the pockets are provided on the above or top surface of air bags. And such a constellation can be made possible in air bags by a resistive plastic model.
The state of affairs of the path decides whether a combination of little attachable bags or big bags must be used in the race as some of race paths may non hold equal infinite to keep the race path, run offs and every bit good as witnesss. Proper, thorough full graduated table trials and surveies must be carried out before put ining or implementing the air bags on the existent path. It is non mandatory for the form of the airbag and stuff and any form can be manufactured harmonizing to the demand of path safety.
The air bags which are put on the race circuits to absorb energy of the bike impact traveling off the paths particularly on the curves and go forthing the curves can be fixed, fastened, welded, glued and can be used incasing them in any arrested development structures or systems in conformity to protect the needed as stated before.
The tissue used for the bag surface stuff may perchance be a mixture of glass fiber based, C fiber, man-made fiber based or Kevlar fiber since it is really strong. But it is non good to increase the thickness of the airbags utilizing stacking up of C to one or more beds inside with a orderly harmonic of man-made fibers or with any other combinations of two or more types of hempen texture. Air bag should hold chief characteristic characteristic of resistant to violent and difficult impacts, and to some extent opposition to rupture, fire and an in effectible to the conditions conditions.
Airbags can be used in lasting path and every bit good, apart from stiff lasting systems, the airbags can besides be used as nomadic barriers, where of all time required. It can be dismantled, moved and replaced of fixed easy wheresoever needed in different locations where the race takes topographic point and can physically supported on a movable constructions that can back up potentially violent impact clangs. This interesting belongings of the air bag makes it good feasible solution for the impermanent circuits like grass paths and such as those which are used in the universe mass meeting titles.
Amongst the advantages of the barrier air bags implemented on the grass path rushing circuits, is the shifting of circuits from a unsafe topographic point onto a more secured topographic points. This system can widely be used alternatively of current path safety systems and can replace the inferior barriers which do non supply any safety to the riders and the witnesss. The belongings of absorbing energy expeditiously through the controlled deflation of the airbags through the air exits. These airbags may go a hope for safety protections that wholly absorbs the impact energies and will non convey back to the bike striking it.
Another good advantage of this air bag is the show surface on inside the path every bit good as outside the path harmonizing to the form along the grass path circuits can be efficaciously used by the advertizers.
Last but non least at the terminal, there will be existent demand for these sorts of barriers if manufactured consequently with low operation costs and purchasing costs to the path circuits all over the universe. It is really easy to still develop the air bag engineering and executions to supply in the market as all sorts of engineering is available already for bettering the safety and guaranting 100 % safety in the grass paths and other similar paths circuits for witnesss, riders and from their machines during the clang.

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