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Published: 2021-09-28 03:35:03
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“Sometimes at pagan shrines they vowed offerings to idols, swore oaths that the killer of souls might come to their aid and save the people. ” (Beowulf, pg. 13, lines 176-179) a) The main point of this quote is that the Danes, or people of Hrothgar’s kingdom, started asking for help from false idols, breaking the first two commandments of God, and that they are also asking the Devil, Satan, to rid them of his own creation, Grendel. They are retreating to their paganism, their original religion, and they are worshiping the opposite of God (good), Satan (evil). ) This quote connects to one theme in Beowulf: Good conquers evil. The Danes should not resort to their paganism because God will help them at his own pace and even if they die, they will be forever unified with Him in Heaven. They shouldn’t ask Satan, the killer of souls, for help because they will receive nothing in return and they will rot in hell during their after-life. Good will always defeat evil even if it doesn’t seem like there is any hope. God will answer their prayers as long as they have faith and remain free of false idol worship.
An interesting idea or words in this quote is that the author reveals to us that the Danes resorted to paganism even though they knew God would save them and even though they knew they were breaking God’s commandments. The author is trying to warn readers to not resort to false idol worship in times of struggle because God will save us and even if we die due to any particular reason, the reward will be Heaven and being united with God forever. 2. “Undaunted, sitting astride his horse, the coast-guard answered: Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things: what’s said and what’s done. (Beowulf, pg. 21, lines 286-289)
The main point of this quote is that true warriors will do what they say and they are not all talk but no action. The guard of Hrothgar says this to Beowulf and his troops, and he is saying that a great leader must speak as well as deliver. A great leader and warrior has the ability to speak and to act accordingly. This quote reveals to us that someone who can deliver what they say has wit, fortitude, spirit. b) This quote connects to one theme in Beowulf: Actions speak louder than words. Setting an example and being a leader does not only mean being able to give a good speech.

One must be able to perform what they say without hesitation to be regarded as a mighty warrior and true leader. If you are considered to be a mighty warrior with wit, fortitude and spirit, you must be able to do what you say you can do. c) An interesting idea or words in this quote is that the author uses a guard to challenge Beowulf’s identity to prove to us that he is truly a hero and that he does what he says to others. This also reveals to us that Beowulf is a great leader and that he is not afraid to take on any evil, like Grendel, that stands in his way. . “With measured words she welcomed the Geat and thanked God for granting her wish that a deliverer she could believe in would arrive to ease their afflictions. ” (Beowulf, pg. 43, lines 625-628) a) The main point of this quote is that Wealtheow, queen of Hrothgar, asked God for a hero to save them all from Grendel and her prayers were answered when Beowulf came to rid them of their troubles and pain. Beowulf is the deliverer, which refers to Jesus as the Messiah and as the Saviour of sins.
He came to rid them of the evil monster that lurks about them and causes havoc in the kingdom. b) This quote connects to one theme in Beowulf: Good conquers evil. Beowulf is the good in the quote and he is going to try and kill Grendel, who is the evil that had been terrorizing Hrothgar’s kingdom for twelve winters. Even if the evil is overwhelming, good will always triumph no matter how deadly or destructive the evil is. God always has a plan to conquer evil and Satan. Beowulf is the hero or Messiah in the quote and the evil or sin he must defeat is Grendel.
An interesting idea or words in this quote is that the author uses a biblical reference to compare Beowulf to the Messiah, Jesus. The author tries to tell us that they were both put on this world to defeat an evil in whatever form it takes. The author allows us to view them as good and that no evil can defeat them in a battle. The author frequently compares Beowulf to Jesus, portraying him as divine and immortal. Some may believe this to be blasphemy or others might see it as the author telling the readers that Beowulf is invincible and that he truly is a hero.

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