How to Beat the January Blues

Published: 2021-09-30 04:00:04
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Let’s be honest, January is a gloomy old month. Christmas and new year frivolity are in the distant past, and everyone’s broke because we’re still paying for them. The days are short and grey, it’s cold and gloomy and spring seems an age away.
But it’s not all doom and gloom! Today we look at what you can do to get the better of the January blues!

Expand your cultural palate!
There’s no shame in investing some serious time on the sofa, but if you’re going to become a sofa bear this January, you might as well do it productively. Remember that book you were going to read, or that film you were going to watchNow’s the time to get your teeth into those and conquer them before the days start getting longer and warmer!
Get some fresh air
Open your front door and make the most of the fresh winter weather. Whether it is raining, windy or even snowing, it’s not excuse not to get your wellies on and get outside. Experiencing a bit of fresh air will do a lot to blow away those December cobwebs and help put a spring back in your step.
Try dry January
Start by saying the words ‘dry January’ very slowly, over and over again. it might seem a terrifying thought, but actually giving up drinking alcohol for the whole of January could be the exact type of detox that your body needs after Christmas and New Years!
‘Winter’ clean
Like Spring cleaning, ‘Winter Cleaning’ is easy. Put away all the leftover wrapping and mess from the Christmas parties adn the lazy days on the sofa. Start to file away your possessions and create some space for you to clear your mind.
Use our site
If the thought of failing your exams or essays is making your January seem even greyer, then why not speak to us at our site and find out how we can help alleviate your stress and get
And you’re done! Having achieved all this, retreat back to bed and wait for February.

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