Hk and Mainland Chinese Generation Changes

Published: 2021-09-28 06:20:03
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HK and Mainland Chinese Generation Changes Introduction: Since Hong Kong return to China, there always have some comparison between Hong Kong and Mainland China. In this essay, I would like to talk about the generation changes in both Hong Kong and Mainland China and make the comparison. HK: (1976~1990) Historical background: The fourth generation of Hong Kongers is the children of the second generation, they live in plenty and unlikely to worry about their conditions. Growth environment and current situation of the fourth generation: They growth up in affluent circumstances, but this kind of environment is not equal to happiness.They need to face the competition earlier than their parents, grandparents. What is it like to be a good fourth generation of Hongkongais? He/she need do much better than others even form kindergarten, because there is no circumstance for the late developers.
The loser will be wash out by the society. The difference between the fourth generation and previous generation is they always under surveillance from their parents. The second generation comes through the spoon-fed education, so they do not want their children come through again.But on the other hand, they still want their children can well prepare for the competition. Therefore, they show too much attention to their children. Lui Tai-lok said, to the fourth generation, personality is a luxury. They really hardly to find their own personalities.
For example, we blindly denounce CantoPop for Euro-American pop; and blindly loves the film by a Western director - any Western director; and blindly denounce packaged tour to Japan for a shopping trip organized ourselves; and blindly denounce our ellow shoppers, our fellow schoolmates, our fellow CantoPop fans, and our fellow quantitatively-manufactured fourth generation Hongkongais, by means of using different goods and products, instead of having different mind-set. Besides, we seldom have chances to present our opinions. The adult always make the conclusion replace the fourth generations. They think they have more social activities than us; their decision must be more perfect than us. Under that social environment, it is really hard in finding personality. China: (1979~1990) Historical background:This generation called “little emperors” was born after 1979 when China began to promote the one-child family planning policy. Also, it was a period that “Culture Revolution” ended and “reform and opening up policy” started.

Chinese economic start taken-off. Growth environment and current situation of the “little emperors”: Under the “one-child” policy in Mainland China, which was implemented in the late 1970s, instigated a new phenomenon in families: 4-2-1, which means four grandparents, two parents to bring up the only child in the family, and this is the standard family structure for “little emperors”.This generation called “litter emperors” that is spoiled by eldership and they are the center in the whole family. They can get whatever he likes and avoid whatever he dislikes.? It has been a common practice that the parents have to obey their child’s “order”.? As a result, the spoiled child becomes the “little emperor” who rules the whole family. That gives them a sense of self importance and entitlement, which is the origin of the term "little emperor".
Also they are the crucial market vanguard that they can increase Chinese economic clout and lead to enhanced spending power.The first generation of little emperors are now in their twenties, so the self-indulgent consumerism has expanded from children's products into luxury goods, and this has been a driving force behind the rapid expansion of the luxury goods industry in recent years. From a young age, parents want to let their single children to be the best in their classes. Even toys, games, DVDs, video games and TV shows are more likely to be marketable if they have an educational edge. On the other hand, the little emperors have become the conduit to come true all their families hope and dreams.Some of them are the rebel against to the social rule. Since they were young, they are force-fed to study hard and education by rote memorization.
The sentence “good good study, day day up”, which said by Chairman Mao Zedong is be hung on the wall in each of the classroom. Their parents impose their own dream and interests to them. Therefore, make them disgusted with what parents said, they want to be difference with the previous generation, contend for their own fate. Han Han’s phenomenon" is such an educational phenomenon, but also a phenomenon of a diverse value orientation culture and dare to rebel and innovative social. “Han Han’s phenomenon” is named from Han Han, who is a professional rally driver, blogger, writer and singer and he is also involved in music production. He is really an inferior student when he was in school because he cannot get high grades in exam. In his first year of high school, he won the first prize in China's New Concept Writing Competition with his essay on the Chinese national character.
But he fell seven subjects at the year-end examination. This incident was reported in the media and ignited a heated debate on China's "quality education" policy, whether holistic or specialized learning should be implemented in schools, and other educational issues. Han Han quit school in the senior middle school 2nd year, and worked on a series of essays, which always occupy the highest Sales Volume. Besides, he is one of the best rally drivers in China. Han Han is good at almost everything except study.Han Han’s phenomenon became a hot issue and cause controversy between some public characters. The traditional view and standard of an all-around person are queried.
Also, the bad impression to this generation is changed. They are not merely “little emperors”, but also can be the strong people in life. They are generally called “after-eighty generation”, because most of them were born after 1980. But several pundits would like to call them as “the Beat Generation” as they know only comfort and ease; they cannot responsible to the society.Therefore, they are the most controversial and special generation during the Chinese history. Similarities of the fourth generation in HK and Mainland China: Either fourth generation or “little emperors”, they are both under the surveillance from their parents, they have high ambitions to come true their own dream rather than their parents’ dream. Dissimilarities of the fourth generation in HK and Mainland China: For “little emperors”, only part of them wants to contend for their own fate, the person who does not want to establish their own life, they can live with parents cozily.
But for the fourth generation, they have to compete with others, because the main trend is powerful to persuade them walk on the road which adults believed. Therefore, the fourth generation in Hong Kong misses the first and second generations simply because they have the knowledge and ability like the fourth generation, plus they have the dream, the commitment, the passion and the willingness to give their dreams the highest priority, and many great values that were not discarded. Conclusion:Whatever the fourth generation or the “little emperors”, both of them have the highest profile, they have to face the pressure from the previous generation, so that they should make more effort on increasing their value of life.

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