Hitler, the Demise of a Demigod

Published: 2021-09-27 07:30:03
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Hitler, the Demise of a Demigod The will of a single man was powerful enough to alter the course of the world; that Is the story of Doll Hitler. Hitler inspired his people to hope for the betterment yet he himself fell into more and more despair the passage of time. As the First World War left Germany not only devastated but also humiliated, a failure of a painter who also happened to fight in the front lines, felt infuriated and betrayed by the surrender, took it upon himself to set things right. He proved himself to be quite an artist, may be not so much on the canvas as with words.
Eloquence being his forte, he climbed up the social ladder rather quickly in the midst of all his struggles. With Doll Hitler becoming more and more synonymous to the Nazi Germany, he led his people to an unprecedented era of prosperity but that came at a price, by straining a certain portion of the population, the Jews. In 1938 Hitler annexed Austria into Germany without firing a single shot; he was the man of the year not for nothing. It Is an Irony how Nazism or National Socialism recognized both capitalism and communism as evil but ended up Itself falling from grace.
Along with nationalism and racialism, ideas such as irredentism and expansionism dominated the Nazi ideology. Hitler understood the importance of exploitation colonialism. Thus for Germany he wanted Russia to be what colonial India was to the British Empire. His previous victories against the allies intoxicated his mind, dulled his reasoning. He was slowly but surely losing touch with reality. His decisions were raising the stakes higher and higher. It is to be noted that he did not just believe in racial superiority, he intended to prove it as he tried to do so In the 1936 summer Olympics. Nan Germany's' Justifying of social

Darwinism, survival of the fittest in all life that is struggle made certain factions to go wary of their leader. One thing led to another and there were even attempts of assassination. It was not Just a war between the allies and the axis; it was a war between the Ideology of a single man and rest of the world. Pride Goethe before a fall. But even so 50 million to over 75 million fatalities has shown us what man is capable of. After all, God did create man In his own Image. Rather than being pessimistic, It shows capability of both great good as well as evil. Humanity can still be saved, all hope Is yet not lost.

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