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Published: 2021-10-02 06:50:38
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My name is Javier Portillo. I wanted to get a business degree ,since the first time I started thinking about my career choice. There are many things that you can do with your business degree. For me, I want to have my career as financial analyst. Being a financial analyst is a unique job that I am interested in pursuing. I want to be a financial analyst because they make good money and it all about how to invest and how to make more money.
As a financial analyst , I would give people advice when it comes to investments. According to the OOH financial analyst research about economic and business trends. Financial analyst can be divided into two categories, buy side and sell side analyst. A buy side analyst creates investment strategies ,so that a company can the most money to invest. A sell side analyst give advice to sales agents who sells stock, bonds, and other investments.
In order to become a financial analyst, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree and a license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The median annual salary of a financial analyst according to OOH, was 84,300 dollars in 2017. The job of financial analyst is supposed to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026. There is demand for financial analyst when the economy is growing. Financial analyst seems to have a bright future when it comes to demand.

My education plan is to go to HCC for two years and take my basics there. After, 2 years at HCC I want to transfer to University of Houston and can get my business degree. In order to pay for the university I would like to get help from financial aid. I would also work to pay my tuition. If I have to take out a loan I would but I want to stay away from them if I can. Later on in life , I want to come back to school and get a master’s degree.
The lifestyle I want to have in the future is living in a house. I also want to be able to internet, electricity, water and gas. The monthly expenses will be 5, 388 dollars and the annual expenses will be 64, 656 dollars. The salary of a financial analyst is around 84,300 dollars and it will cover my expenses. According to Texas reality check I will need a annual salary of 80,000 dollars. The 84,000 salary will not work for my lifestyle. The things I will do to make sure I can live my lifestyle is invest in stocks. Investing in stocks can make me a little bit more of money.
Compare to Houston, if I wanted to live in California I will need a salary of 120,000 dollars. In Miami, Florida I will need 93,000 and in Denver, Colorado I will need around 91,000 dollars. I would like to live in different locations because it would be a different experience and different environment around me. I would like to live in California because it is a beautiful state and is close to the coast. California seems like a nice place to live in. I would live in Florida because of the same reasons as California because is a nice place and because of all the beaches in Florida. I would like to live in New York because it is a good place for business . There is a lot of business opportunities in New York and I would like to live to take advantage of then opportunities.
I can help my community as I learn transferable skills like communication skill. I already have volunteer experiences. For the past two summers I have volunteer at the Houston zoo. At the Houston Zoo, I was a camp mentor and would help the camp guides with the kids. In my experiences I have develop my communication skills. At the zoo, I communicate with the guest, the camp guides, and the campers. Volunteering there has help me learn the language that I should use when I am in a professional environment. Developing my communication is helpful because I need it for my career. Working as a financial analyst, I need communication skills because in this career, you are in many meetings. Knowing how to talk in a professional environment is helpful.
My long term goal for my career is that I want to earn my business degree and become a financial analyst and own a small business in the next 10 years. In order to accomplish this I have to graduate with my business degree, find a stable job, and invest in a small business. There will be many obstacles like I would get stressed with school, I may not be able to find a job, I may not have money to invest. In order to overcome this challenges I can have a schedule with my school work, I can get internships in order to have more experience and be able to have a higher chance of getting a job and for the small business I can take out a loan to invest. My life will be a simple life in a simple house with a simple car. When I reach my goal of starting a small business, I will feel a overwhelming and joyous feeling when I accomplish my goals.

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