Filipino Traits

Published: 2021-09-27 23:35:04
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FILIPINOS ARE: 1. clean. 2. jolly. 3. musically-inclined. Filipinos, although regarded by Claire Danes as dirty people, are hygienic. This may be because of the tropical weather we have. We tend to sweat a lot so we bathe as much as we want. Unlike others, especially the French, we do not just shower or drench our bodies in water; we use soap and even pumice stones to thoroughly cleanse our bodies. We also have the unwavering joie-de-vivre in us.
Despite the economical and political issues we face, we still have a candle of hope that never ceases to radiate. We laugh and even crack the most ridiculous jokes even amidst excruciating pain.. We have lots of feast days that would give us a long-term break from problems. We have a happy disposition in life. We are musically-inclined. In every town, there are groups of musicians and bands that showcase exceptional talent in music. Filipinos are starting to dominate the international music scene.
There are Allan Pineda, member of the Grammy Award-winning group Black Eyed Peas (Grammy Award-winning group); Nicole Scherzinger, leader of The Pussycat Dolls; Allan Pineda, vocalist of the Journey; and Charice Pempengco, given the title Icon of Tomorrow by an international teen magazine, to name a few. Also, The University of Santo Tomas Singers Choir of the World- Luciano Pavarotti Grand Prize at the 2010 Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, in Wales, UK -- the oldest and most prestigious choir competition in the world.

OPINION: Due to racial discrimination, most of us conceal our Filipino side. Foreigners mock our country, saying that this is a country of domestic helpers. Moreover, our country is know to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We should not be affected by this because there are so many things to be proud of in being a Filipino, and it is our musical inclination usually highlighted, thanks to our artists. Let us just enhance the good points and eliminate the bad ones. I see that we are starting to ake a good image of our country. Kaya Pilipinas, umasenso ka! ?
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