Experiment on Animal Should Be Stopped

Published: 2021-09-28 10:30:03
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The issue on whether we should allow or not in Experimenting animals has been widely debated in our community recently. It is an important issue because it concerns misunderstanding and misleading data. Varity of different argument have been put forward about this issue but it is strongly agreed by most of the community that experiment on animals should be stopped.
Scientist researches say that animal testing is the future to finding cures and helps them figure out what will work and not work on humans. Hence, it can help find cures faster and prevent more human death. Although some people believe that is true; I, therefore have different opinion. Reading through articles from different doctors made me realize that using animals in medical area hasn’t helped humans as what people think it has. In fact, their systems are not anything like ours.First and simplest statement is that animal experiments provide misleading data. At best, they tell us a good deal about how animals experience disease, but they rarely tell us something of value that can be applied to humans and it provides additional data, but not a higher level of accuracy.
Another statement is that animal tests do not accurately predict how dangerous a drug will be in humans. In other words, drug tests on animals do not protect humans from harmful medications.It is hard to believe that after the horrible instances which have occurred, that they would continually use this procedure. Especially where it does no good, and harms defenseless animals as well. In addition to that, an animal virus can be 99. 9% similar to its analog in humans and still be completely different. To sum up, animal testing isn't helping us progress and if anything it is slowing us down.

This, it is not necessary, nor helpful to continue to practice our medicines ; questions on helpless animals.

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