Educational and Dark Tourism

Published: 2021-09-28 22:25:03
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Explain how two relationships between special interests and tourism have developed Educational tourism is used by schools and colleges or any institution to allow student to go on trips, theses trips will only be for education purpose. It can be linked to a course in order to know more about certain things and acquire knowledge on different visits made to a museum for example, which will help student to learn about different artefacts, cultures, artist most valued painting and historical and cultural or even aquamarine depending on the type of museum and field trip.Changes in curriculum have led to an increase in the number of school tour operators. Nowadays, teachers do not have the time to organise trips, it is now impossible to accomplish, there are to many paper to fill in, they have to teach the children with lessons that takes time to put in place, give them the work, compulsory coursework and make correction, and for students taking GSCE which was first introduced in 1986, the length of the program is long there is more testing and exams everything has to be though.That is why the demand on school operator is increasing. School operator are used by institution to allow a field trip to be put in place, the company will help gather the entire component to make a package.
The component consist of the transport, transfer, the place they will be going, any paper document that need to be provided toward health and safety security. When all the assessments are made, they will be able to provide schools with an itinerary for the day trip or month trip depending on the duration from the departure, the detail, to the return.An event happened in 1993 concerning The Lyme Bay canoeing disaster where four children from a group of eight by errors were swept out to sea and drowned; they were accompanied by two instructors. The impact made, it scared teacher because of the lack of safety measure, they are scared because they are in charge of the children and all the responsibilities comes back to them in case an accident occur.Parents do not want to send their kids on trips if it is not safe, there is no insurance, where there is lack of information about the activities and what will the children be doing on that day. This is why after the disaster a new law was passed, The Activity Centres (Young person Safety) Act 1995 which states that anyone putting adventure activities for under 18 year old must hold a license. This was an advantage for specialist school operators, which is now popular because there are certified and has got the experience in that matter.
The type of product and services offered by school tour operators to their customers are, subject focused trips and tour, visits and trips designed for a certain age group, planning and booking information for teachers, they also state their experience with safety, experience and offer customer service and providing the teacher and students with the necessary financial protection, through ABTA and ATOL bonds. Tour operators allowed schools to go on more trips and to go to more unusual destination.Back in time schools could only organised trip inside the borough they live in or not to far so they can walk and come back walking, it was not really exiting for the children because they were spending half of their day walking, it consisted in visiting local museum, going to cinema, swimming pool, it was more general not related to education and knowledge purpose, but much more to get the kids out and have fun.Now with the school tour operator they are able to go to more destinations, which they were not thinking of, such as coach excursion, it is more specialised, they will know they are going to such place to learn about a subject. An example of college student studying history or politics will be able to have a school trip to Paris, tailored made by the tour operator which will allow students to discover over 2000 years of history, politics and culture on the French history life.From the Package Travel Regulations 1992 it is said that tour operators and travel agents are liable if the third parties that it works with, give customers poor products or services. Normally they should not have any difficulties and issues on the quality of service from airlines, hotel, guides, coach if they check that the company provider hold all the formal document to give the student a secure trip.

About NSTgroup overview Start up: NST was first formed and established in 1967 and is now the UK’s leading educational travel company for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools nd Colleges. Size: It is the largest tour operator for schools, and offer good prices for educational travel market. -They are part of the Education Division of Holiday break plc, the European specialist holiday group and PGL – Also have an associate company in Dublin – Bonded ATOL and ABTA No’ of employees: NST employs over 200 employees in Blackpool head office and Cambridge office How you book: You can book through their internet website: http://www. nstgroup. co. uk/contact-us By electronic email: [email protected] o.
uk By phone number: 0845 688 8988 and differ according each subject of the visit as shown below… |Art & Design |0845 293 7959 |email | |Business Studies & Economics |0845 293 7969 |email | |Classical Studies | 0845 293 7960 | | And more… Development of Dark TourismDark tourism is a special interest activity for tourist and anyone who wants to see and know more about the history of a destination. It include taking part and visiting site where an event happen, it can be a conflict sites, sites of death, shrine, castle and battlefields, sites where a disaster happened in the past, prisons and purpose built centres which promote dark tourism. These are some of the location around the world tourist can go to take place in dark tourism: – Ground Zero in New-York in remembrance of the 9/11 – The German extermination camp at Auschwitz in Poland Beaumaris Prison in Anglesey, Wales – Chernobyl in ex USSR – Ghost hunting tourism in Scotland – Camps of Genocide Before the 21st century Dark tourism, there used to be public execution where crowed was coming to see and assist to, also the Roman used to fight in sites and die there and people were still attracted to it and had the will to approach and assist. In the ancient time people have at all times been enthusiastic to stop to places where battles, massacres and wickedness were agreed. There are some Dark Tourism tour operators who only cater for Battlefield destination around the world.However Dark tourism Tour operator is not as much developed, tourist who will want to go to certain sites will have to do some research on how to get there independently and know what they will be doing and see and put together they own package holiday. The motivations of tourist taking part in Dark tourism: – Some tourist are fascinated with death and disaster – The media showing a certain place will influence on your choice – Maybe to feel the suffering – Preserve the site – Interest in history – Morbidity – Heritage to education – Remembrance of famous people that mark the historyThese are possible motivation on why tourists are visiting theses places.
The type of product and services provided by dark tourism operator as Holts Tours which offer coach tour departures, including the itinerary , flights, they care for special request, meals, accommodation facilities, disabilities and medical condition, safety, health, privacy and data, instruction on overseas standards. When going on Dark tourism holiday, tourists have the opportunity to discover and see a site where such event happen This is an example for an EXETER WEEKENDITINERARY Day 1 (Friday): Meet at the Southgate hotel from 14:30 onwards. Welcome drink at 18:00, dinner and a talk by a local historian. Day 2: A tour of the city including a visit to the Cathedral. After an early lunch, drive out to Castle Drogo designed by Sir Edwin Luytens. - Dinner in hotel. Day 3: The military element of this weekend is a visit to Slapton Sands where they will hear the story of Exercise Tiger, the rehearsal for the D-Day invasion that went so disastrously wrong.
- Lunch and return to Exeter by 15:30.For some people it can be ethically and morally right for them to take part in dark tourism, if it can help them reconnect with something or someone they have lost. If for example their parents took part in a war and died in such place, it can be a way of remembrance to go and visit such place. However I think it is not of use to visit these places for fun and being fascinated by disaster but it is useful if they use it for education purpose for the historical or cultural reasons. History of the War Research Society and Battlefield ToursThe War Research Society and Battlefield Tours was founded over 20 years ago by policeman retired police officers, ex-service personnel and friends, The War Research Society has taken thousands of pilgrims, veterans, widows and children to visit the battlefields, memorials and resting places to the areas of the First and Second World War in Northern France, Belgium, Turkey and Italy. How you book: The brochure contains details of all the battlefield and memorial tours and additional tour information, departure times, National Express connections, and booking forms, it can also be requested by email, phone or post.Ground Zero in New-York in remembrance of the 9/11 Times after the attack in New-York on World trade centre in September 2001, it been decided by the local and family of the victim to put up in place a place of remembrance which is now called Ground Zero and is a memorial place with picture of victims everywhere, on phone booths, street lights, walls of subway stations.
A museum has also been put in place showing pictures of the events. In 2011 there will be a new site opening 'Reflecting Absence', which ill have cascading waterfalls with illuminated reflecting pools at the site of the towers. The names of the 2979 people who died during the attacks that day will be inscribed around the edge of the waterfalls. It said that in 2008, 47 million of people came to visit New-York especially to come by Ground Zero which is a must see in the city. Since the opening it really is a benefit for the local, they even making profit on the visiting by charging visitors with a fee of $10 per entrance, which they use for charity and different need to help in the development.

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