Early Intervention of Dyslexia

Published: 2021-09-28 22:50:03
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I checked online famous personalities with dyslexia and to my surprise there were several names indicated. Tom Cruise is one of them and I imagine how difficult it would be for him to read his acting lines considering his dyslexic condition. I totally agree how significant it is to diagnose early dyslexia.
This way, parents will understand their children’s condition and instead of wallowing in shame they would instead seek support from special education teachers and SPED schools.But not all parents have the abilities and knowledge to diagnose dyslexia and what if Parents will just ignore early signs and symptoms of dyslexia because they misconstrued it as part of developmental delays. Much worst if regular teachers can’t detect nor diagnose dyslexia. Students will continue to suffer and struggle from their condition. While parents and teachers struggle to find rationalization of the condition will fail to provide appropriate learning support because of misdiagnosis or failed to diagnose.Knowledge and ability to diagnose dyslexia is as valuable as diagnosing the condition early. Aside from SPED teachers, Parents and regular teachers must also learn how to diagnose dyslexia.
Schools must include in its services activities educating and informing parents and regular teachers on how to diagnose dyslexia and suitable learning activities to help student with this condition. Learning how to diagnose is not enough, school must also include in its curricular directives opportunity to diagnose dyslexia. So that regular teacher will take the effort to diagnose their students.And if student is diagnosed with the condition they will refer the student for special education services. However, what if schools will not be sensitive enough to handle dyslexia diagnosis and support services because schools do not realize the prevalence and implication of dyslexia condition. Who should be the responsible entity to enforce the need to diagnose and provide support for dyslexia condition? SPED school personnel and SPED teachers at regional and district level can play a vital role in campaigning for the enforcement of early diagnosis of dyslexia condition.They can coordinate with the public and private school heads and teachers in working and planning together activities to help materialize the campaign for early detection of dyslexia.

Dyslexia is just one of the learning disability conditions prevailing among special students. But it has a great impact on their welfare if it is diagnosed early and support services are provided as needed. Thus, to overlook and disregard this condition is as critical as losing the future of any dyslexic special student.

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