Dream Vacation: Dover

Published: 2021-10-02 04:15:05
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Every summer we vacation at Dover, Delaware we stay in our 24-foot trailer at our camp ground. vacation is a respite or time of respite from something. Intermission a scheduled period during which activity is suspended. A period of exemption from work granted to an employee, period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation, an act or instance of vacating. Honestly the hardest part of vacation is the planning behind it all, must figure out when your family will have the maximum amount of time to spend away.
To start with Delaware has one of the most relaxing beaches, it helps relieve stress and focus. During the school year I was living in the mountains of Altoona located in central pa, which could be a very stressful and demanding of me. Nonetheless during my summer break I can be found in Dover, Delaware at the beach with my immediate family. It’s always a great time to be surrounded by family even though we may have our differences some days. I cherish times like these because the opportunity may not surface for a while considering everyone has their own timeline.
When we finally arrive to Dewey, my nose picked up the salty scent of the sea breeze on the beach. I just lie out in the sun and gaze out into the water and read books, without a care or thought in the world. I looked ahead and saw the gleaming beach in the distance as the shoreline went on for miles. Dover is also my favorite place to visit because of the weather being so pleasant, it is not too hot nor cold just right. We spend the entire day at the beach with many activities and restaurants in sight. After a long day of swimming, relaxing, eating and sun beating down can drain a lot of energy. We usually will finally head back to our camper and unwind down by the smoldering fireplace as we roast smore’s.

The camp ground landscape is beautiful with tall pine trees hovering over the trailers like an umbrella providing shade for the hot, muggy days. The camp usually plans out daily activities for the entire community to interact in a family setting fun for all ages. During the day, there would be bounce houses, swimming pool, indoor arcade, camp store, basketball court, tennis courts, row boots, kayaks, enough entertainment to keep busy for weekenders. One of my favorite things to do are watching movies on the projection screen by the pool surrounded by these cone-like lightbulbs provides a relaxing, calming and neutral mood for everyone to enjoy.
Each day I go on a walk or bike ride, everyone is continuously speaking to you and have a word or two more to say. The locals are always walking around with a smile willing to engage in any way to help. In a nutshell, even though I only visit Dover during the summer therefore it is my favorite place to visit. For example, each day in the summer thought it is rather warm there is always a cool breeze that will change your entire attitude about the weather and the temperature. Lastly, I like to visit Dover, DE because the people are so welcoming, which makes it so much more enjoyable and sense.
There are plenty of other attractions besides the beach that make this place great. Mostly the people your with surrounded by make the most of the moment.

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