Computers and the Internet Have Touched Almost All Aspects of Life

Published: 2021-09-28 22:05:03
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Computers and the Internet have touched almost all aspects of life. It is rare to come across a business or household that does not experience routine use of a computer in some shape or form. Technology has allowed people to have higher levels of convenience and proficiency. Many people today would find it very difficult to go back to an age where computers were not in existence. In addition, society has become accustomed to on-demand answers or solutions to requests or services and the Internet is the platform which fulfills this need.
These are some of the positive effects of technology on society. While there have been many positive effects of computers on society, there have also been some drawbacks too. Issues such as security and complacency have increased in addition to society's ever growing dependence on computers. Let's take a look at some of the positive and negative effects of computers and the Internet on society: ¦Positive Effects There are many benefits provided by computers and the Internet. The efficiency, productivity and conveniences provided by technology are unlike any experienced in history.Additionally the wealth of information to be found on the Internet is beyond measure. Individuals literally have a global resource to access and find exactly what it is they are looking for.
Before computers and the Internet, people used to have to physically travel to locations to bank, shop, file applications or take care of government requirements such as renewal of a driver's license or car registration. Today people no longer have to travel to engage in these activities, all they have to do is simply log online and take care of business from the comforts of home; a huge convenience and time saver.Additionally in many cases, wait times have been significantly decreased. Many people today go to work or school from home because the Internet creates virtual space where travel is not always necessary. Businesses and colleges are rapidly adapting to the concept of telecommuting because it increases possibilities and also cuts resources in many ways. Additionally, this is a convenience for employees and students who have difficulties working or attending school outside the home. is compiled and transferred and it is quick.

In addition, the response time is almost as rapid in many kinds of transactions.Software adds levels of both productivity and efficiency in both home and office environments. Many tasks, such as checkbook balancing, budgeting, and account management are completed quickly with a high degree of accuracy. The ability to access a vast amount of information is another positive effect. No longer do people have to travel to the library card catalogue or spend hours searching through microfiche files in order to find information they need. With a simple click of the mouse, a web search more often than not brings up results that contain the information you're looking for.Other positive effects are the ability for people to connect and converse or share information with each other.
Global communities have crept up in many corners of the Internet and people who never would have met otherwise have connected through the powers and magic of the Internet. The incredible diversity you come into contact with is a wonderful opportunity and experience. ¦Negative Effects Unfortunately despite all the positives associated with computers and the Internet, there are some drawbacks too.These are issues society has to contend with in order to achieve the benefits and often trade-offs have to be made. Security is one of the most prominent negative effects which emerges with the use of technology. The criminal element in society has found many ways to exploit and harm others by using computers and the Internet as a weapon instead of the tool it was designed to be. Crimes such as identity theft, hacking, embezzlement, and other kinds of monetary theft have increased the risks of doing business online, and these have to be mitigated through using software and being vigilant.
These concerns should not deter people from using the Internet, but it is a real concern which must be dealt with. Complacency is another negative effect. While computers and the Internet have enhanced quality of life, sometimes the question begs asking of whether or not society has become too dependent on computers instead of thinking for one's self. Many people operate on the assumption the computer is always right, and this can be a dangerous notion. While computers themselves don't make mistakes, the human design behind the software can and do make mistakes, nothing is 100% infallible.Programmers, while in most cases are pretty accurate, do have typos or software Tasks today can be completed at lightening speed due to the amazing ability of computer processing. Transactions that used to need to be handled by hand, in often tedious fashion, can now be done electronically and rapidly.
Computer technologies streamline the way information can contain glitches. Since technology is essentially tied to everything from banking, parking meters, health insurance, and medical care, it is important to be vigilant and if something seems off to always question it.This complacency leads to dependence. Are computers doing too much "thinking" for people? Today many people have no idea of how to manually do transactions or activities that computers routinely take care of these days. If computers or the Internet were to suddenly be permanently severed, this would cause a lot of problems because many people would not know how to take care of certain necessities due to this dependency. Old and "old fashioned" methods do still hold validity and it is always of value to understand how things work underneath the computer surface.For instance if an ATM or credit card machines such down, it's good to know how to write out a check or make a physical withdrawal through filling out bank slips.
Computers and the Internet have offered many positive and negative effects for society. There is without a doubt several pros and cons of our reliance on technology, but one thing is clear, neither computers or the Internet are going anywhere anytime soon, so it is best to embrace these changes, but also to be aware of the drawbacks and make adjustments in order to effectively deal with the trade-offs.

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