Community Service of Meals on Wheels

Published: 2021-09-27 10:00:03
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Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels was a very good community service that taught me some good things. Meals on Wheels is a voluntary work service that deals with elderly people who are sick, from diabetes to cancer. We as voluntary workers drop food off to these sick people who are registered through the hospital. There are many different types of patients you meet. They all happen to be around the same area as well. As we stop by the meals on wheels headquarters we first sign in and then pick up cooler full of cold food and a warm lunch bag to put the hot meals in.
We then drive over to SST. Jude hospital where we pick up the hot food that has the patients names labeled on them. From here we drive to each patients house or apartment complex and drop off their assigned foods, which is one cold food meal pack, one milk, and a hot meal pack. Some places are so easy as getting off and dropping it off in the ice box they have set in front of their house or apartment complex while other patients e have to ring the door bell and hand it to them.
Some days we will talk to some of these patients. For instance, at one of the first stops an older lady would come outside as we drop the food off and explain to me as she's very sick and doesn't feel well. Then go to explain how we walk with Jesus because we are doing this for her and how we are very blessed for doing it. It goes to show me how lucky I am for being young and healthy at the age I am and not take life for granted.

Another Instance loud be an elderly guy who sits outside with his dog everyday before we pull up to drop his food off. He always seems to be In a very good mood and explains to me how I should be at the beach and not here doing this service. It shows the different kinds of people that are out there and there perspective towards things. Most of the people have their kids or husbands answer the door for them to get their food. At the end of the day we have delivered the food to twelve different people and head back to the
Meals on Wheels headquarters where we drop off the lunch bag and the cooler. That Is the typical day of the Meals on Wheels service work. Hopefully some day In the future I can do this again on my free time.

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