Coca-Cola: Business Details, Marketing Strategies And Analysis

Published: 2021-10-02 06:15:23
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Company information:
Company name     Coca-Cola
Founded                 08.05.1886

Founder(s)              John Pemberton (Coca0Cola), Asa Griggs Candler (Coca-Cola Company)
Sector                      FMCG (Beverage)
IPO date                  Friday, 26.09.1924
Location                  Atlanta, Georgia, US
Fundamentals and financials:
Market cup                         $197 billion
Revenue                              $38.86 billion
Employees                          100300
Revenue/employee           $387500 billion
Net income                         $46.65 billion
Shares outstanding           4.265 billion
Annual earnings/share     $0.97
P/E ratio                               47.61
Company management: Muhtar Kent (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer)
If there's ever a drink that needs no introduction, it's Coca-Cola, the flagship product of the aptly named Coca-Cola Company. The soft drink produced by this corporation is internationally regarded as the most well-known beverage in the world.
Initially founded way back in 1886, the corporation quickly settled on its course. A beverage named Coca-Cola (most commonly referred to as simply ‘coke') was invented, but it's original usage was far from being a beverage – initially, it was conceived to be a patent medicine.
Note of interest, John Pemberton, the creator of ‘coke,’ sold less than 10 cups a day on average back in the 19th century, but as of now, the corporation’s drinks are consumed at a staggering rate of 1.8 billion per day. The recipe of this soft drink is still shrouded in mystery, and it remains one of the most debated topics.
On the whole, there are about 3,500 products being sold by the company. Other products you may know include Fanta and Sprite, among other variations of coke itself. There’s a lot to explore here, so let’s dive in.

Coca Cola
The Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company

Financial Data
The Coca-Cola Company has been in business for a really long time, and during this period, the venture managed to grow a healthy following as well as generate a ton of copycats trying to muscle in on their market share.
With an estimated annual revenue of $41.8 billion, Coca-Cola company is a modern juggernaut only a few companies can compete with.
That’s why this corporation's financial reports and data present such a great deal of interest, they offer a sneak peek into how this business functions. Any business that has assets worth $80 billion deserves a closer look. Sustainability strategies, pricing, income statements, annual reports and other associated economic initiatives are an enchanting read to anyone interested in business and are sure to lend insight into one of the most successful enterprises in the world currently.
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Find more information below.

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About 95% of people living in the world recognize Coca-Cola’s brand and their market share on carbonated drinks is 43% in the US alone. If anything, that’s a strong indication of how successful their marketing tactics are.
Marketing is a staple of any business, and it's nigh impossible to establish and sustain a successful venture without a fully developed marketing campaign and social presence. 105 million people liked their Facebook page, a very presentable number.
Positioning, segmentation and marketing mix, as well as environmental factors, pricing, and other elements need to be studied. A lot of metrics are at play as far as marketing efforts are concerned, and Coca-Cola Company's promotional strategies and plans do tell an exhaustive story, one that is well worth a closer inspection. Does this business actually spend $4 billion a year on advertising?
Dive deeper into this corporation’s marketing efforts with this list of associated reading.

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Structure and Operations
Creating an effective organizational structure requires extensive planning before being set in motion. Every department needs to work at full capacity in order to establish a healthy synergy, and this enterprise with a $180 billion market cap is no different. The company hosts over 130 thousand employees worldwide, all working in a harmonious tandem.
What strategic processes are there? How does this company create jobs and motivate employees? What kind of a company is it? Are there any regional divisions or sub-divisions?
These are the questions that require extensive research. Feel free to examine the materials below to get a clearer picture of how Coca-Cola conducts business and stays performing at a high level.

Coca-Cola company
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Creating Jobs for Improved Performance: The Coca-Cola Way

Coca-Cola Company is a business, first and foremost and just like any other business, it has its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which is why it became the subject of countless research projects and SWOT analyses.
These are important for a reason; they allow to establish company's direction and define its strategy as well as suggest future improvements and prevent risks.
If you want to have better insight into how this business functions, you won’t do better than an extensive analysis. Many have been conducted before, and since you’re at the right place to explore them, feel free to browse the list below.

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