Citra Terranova

Published: 2021-09-29 07:05:03
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Citra was just a teenage girl when she was selected to become a scythes apprentice. She didn't want to kill, but she had to or else her family would be cursed. Of course, she did not want harm upon her own family, she loved them, therefore she became a scythe. This is my personal opinion about Citras future and you don't have to agree. So, with that being said, let's get started.
Citra Terranova will grow up to remember that she's a killer, but she only did it to save her family. She will grow up to be a very successful pharmacist and will be a married mother with three loving, beautiful and smart kids. The oldest, Gerald, who is fifteen and wants to grow up to be a doctor. Gerald has autism and is the smartest out of the three.
Anne is twelve and is an amazing gymnast and is practicing a double-back on flat, but she has learning problems and has dyslexia. The youngest is Logen who is eight years old, has skipped two grades and is the smartest kid in the fifth grade. Citras name originates in Indonesia, translated to English it means imagery. Her last name, Terranova, means southern Italian. Therefore, her ancestors must have some Italian in them.

Citra will make lots and lots of new friends, she is a black belt in karatè and loves her job as a pharmacist. Her husband, Quinten, is a highly trained firefighter and has saved many people's lives. Citra and Quintin met after the 5/3 Bank collapsed into flames about twenty five years ago, at that time, Citra was working two jobs and is so stressed that she only gets about three hours of rest every night, four if she's lucky.
Citra and Quintin are a perfect match because they are both determined to succeed and be the very best that they can be. But, the married couple didn't always get along as they wanted to. Quintin had a severe drug addiction and gambling obsession. Citra obviously hated this and wanted to get him the help he needed, but Quintin wouldn't do it.
She doesn't want here kids to turn out like him so she moves into a new house, leaving Quintin and his problems. Soon after that, Citra demands a divorce with Quintin and a few months later, Citra is a single mom of three. Citra having to work two jobs now leads to a babysitter, the babysitter also gets them on and of the bus.

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